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An unexpected benefit of soap. Video

Неожиданная польза хозяйственного мыла. ВидеоThis is incredible!

It turns out that it is not in the economy, and the exceptional properties of this unsightly and underrated soap.

Powerful antiseptic
We used to think that it is better alcohol antiseptic no. Therefore, any injury (abrasion, laceration) are looking for something alcohol-based disinfectant. But it turns out, soap, consisting only of fatty acids and sodium salts, kills much more bacteria and viruses than alcohol. The best soap for antibacterial properties of only the chlorine, but it is not suitable for Allergy sufferers.

Soap as an antiseptic has one advantage, which I particularly appreciate mom: when processing the wound it won’t sting or burn, brush with a broken knee baby will be much easier soap than paint. And burn it also heals, by the way.

Due to its disinfectant properties soap can improve the appearance of problematic skin (acne), cure foot fungus, seborrhea (dandruff), vaginal yeast infection. It also helps to avoid irritation, rash and itching at the site of shaving. It is completely hypoallergenic which makes soap indispensable to Allergy sufferers.

However, it is important to remember that lye is great for moisturizing the skin, so after using soap, it must be moistened with cream. And not to overdo it – to wash soap every day in any case not worth it.

Cleaning properties
This soap is washed off where you are not doing most of the bleach. Soak for some time or wash before the washing machine, and the result will surely delight! Another way is to lather and let it dry in the sun, then wash.

Toys much more efficient to wash with soap and do not rinse with boiling water because high temperatures can ruin the toy, but not very high quality plastic by boiling water emit toxic substances. Lather and rinse easily.

All Laundry detergents are made on the basis of soap and soda ash, the rest of the components – just fragrances and dyes. That is, to wash something, you don’t need anything special, you can grate the soap and wash them in the machine, especially if the clothes and diaper of the newborn or in the house has allergies.

With soap can make a cheap and environmentally friendly substitutes to virtually any household chemicals.

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