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An empty fridge? Eat breakfasts from Instagram!

Пустой холодильник? Ешьте завтраки из Инстаграма!

In Russia there is a growing army of “celebrities” who despise ordinary people and not bad earn on it.

News reports day by day are becoming more and more grim. Recently people are scared of another robbery under the guise of “health care” — the introduction of excise duties on sausages. The VAT increase threatens to jump of tariffs for utilities. Unemployed people continue terrorizing fines for “parasitism”. And for records of deputies and officials of the cynicism and arrogance of the statements we did not have time to watch.
Show completely…

However, all these troubles apply only to people “economy class”, existing in someone’s mind, only hard work and service “white bone”. It would seem, is nothing new in this, but in modern Russia to the privileged class suddenly joined by a Horde of clowns and freaks, looking at our lives with the same outer height and authorities.

We are talking about the permanent characters of gossip supposed to brighten up our days. Because, alas, most people do not entertain themselves with trips to the theater or reading books, and gossip about the lives of “stars” and other information junk food, toxic brain.

A “star” meanwhile, increasingly “Troll” their audience, demonstrating through television, glossy magazines and Instagram that they all crises at all. Sometimes it seems like a rapid decline in overall quality of life in the country only encourages their frankness.

The producer Yana Rudkovskaya published its “Royal” Breakfast and calls of podeschi to buy clothes and accessories of a class “Lux” with fashion shows that she attends. Permanent sufferer Dana Borisova is another rehabilitation on Paradise Islands. The expert ethics and psychology of family life rose Sabitova shows a plumber with gold lettering in his new mansion. The model (singer? actress?) Anna Kalashnikov eyeing for wedding gowns in a luxurious salon… In the media appear regularly in the headlines that some star showed off his gorgeous home, or resting on the ocean with a millionaire, or skiing in Switzerland.

About other achievements of most of these “stars” has long been unheard of. Previously, singers and musicians mostly pleased us on the “Morning mail” and other similar gear, not the stories about their everyday lives. And the actors were interesting to his roles, not mansions and outfits. About people of indeterminate profession then generally it was not — they began to grow like mushrooms after rain in the era of “easy” money and the same easy, effortless information.

Now the era changed again — Russians living on the brink of poverty, are increasing, and in the future they’re looking with the fear of new disasters of foreign policy and internal deliberation. But show business is not concerned, he is doing less, playing and singing, more burns fabulous money insistently craves national attention.

And admonitions that “it is wrong to count other people’s money”, in this case, not constructive. First, celebrities probably do want their spending and capabilities was widely known. Why else flaunt photo expensive acquisitions? Some even do not disdain to advertise price tags.

Secondly, if to speak without guile, the merits and talents of many of them highly controversial. Usually heroes gossip become “stars” of a certain type. For some reason we never see stories about how keira Knightley bought a new mansion, or as Ksenia Rappoport is resting in the Maldives. But we know about their new movies, awards, fame outside of Russia, working in the theatre, an active social activities. It shows real creative people. And all private and expensive (in all senses of the word) keep to myself because I do not think this is the main reason for pride and popularity.

But leave out the question of what makes celebrities of another sort to shout all over the country about how rich and beautiful they live, not noticing that the image point of view, this demonstration is ridiculous. I understand psychologists.

More sad to realize that a huge army of incompetent and inarticulate individuals look down on “common people”, who, after a debilitating struggle for existence time and effort, neither for development nor for pleasure. Yes what there to speak, even when nutritious food is becoming less affordable for majority of Russians.

“Stars” is not afraid of new quirks of power, finances are secured for many years to come, and no excise tax will not deprive them of the delicious and beautiful food. In addition, many of them give birth and the foresight to equip their heirs outside of their homeland. And they absolutely do not care about those who, in fact, pay their carefree existence, and he is forced to count every penny, relax on the beds and treated in district clinics.

The most ridiculous part of this situation is that many ordinary people sincerely worry about their Pets famous in connection with another scandal, or a divorce, not knowing what advantage is that a fresh drama has already been sold to journalists. And moreover, foolish citizens often seek to emulate the glossy characters, getting into endless loans for the sake of fleeting blow “the sweet life”.

People who would not say that good and, unfortunately, gullible. But sometimes you want to Wraith dissipated, and they looked at their current idols with the same disgust and amazement with which they had long look at them. And, finally, other interests and goals instead of other people’s breakfasts, rags and weddings with a divorce. Otherwise, life in Russia for a long time will not change for the better.

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