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An effective way to stretch at home

Эффективный способ от растяжек в домашних условияхThe actual problem for many women.

Stretch marks are a huge problem not only pregnant women but also those who struggle with constant weight fluctuations. It is known that the female body is synthesized significantly lower amounts of collagen than in men.
Sad, but in this sense, a woman is at a disadvantage.

Fortunately, ladies can not worry, because the stretch is salvation. Will help many a salon, and a cheap, natural, and most importantly, safe means to cope with it.

An effective alternative to the expensive ways can be easy to prepare a mixture consisting of two ingredients: coconut oil and fresh rose petals. This tool can be used daily to get a satisfactory result.

Rose petals contain natural essential oils that we know are extracted for adding cosmetic products and perfumes. Rose oil is very good for the skin. In combination with coconut oil, it turns into a serious weapon against stretch marks.

How to cook a wonderful oil against stretch marks:

1 serving coconut oil
1 serving of fresh leaves roses

Put the coconut oil in a bowl and melt in a water bath. After it melts, add the rose petals. Capacity with the squad leave on heat, stirring constantly for twenty minutes. Remove from heat and let cool. Put the oil into a suitable container with a lid for long-lasting use.

Treat the oil zone stretching every morning and evening. Repeat the procedure for several weeks. The result will appear after the seventh day.

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