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An Austrian figured out how to save the people addicted to smartphone

Австриец придумал, как спасти людей, зависимых от смартфонаThe unexpected decision.

Austrian designer Klemens Schillinger has developed substitutes for a smartphone. The project Substitute Phones he came up with five black plastic devices, which form and weight are similar to the familiar to us all smartphones.

They built stone beads-beads that mimic the motion of flipping the touch-screen, unlock, and scale the objects in the phone. Klemens Schillinger was inspired by the idea of his invention through the story of writer Umberto Eco. There is a character trying to quit Smoking, and replaced the tube with a wooden stick.

Thus the Austrian is going to help thousands of people with a phone addiction. It appears that the owners of gadgets every few seconds look down at a smartphone, checking emails and messages as in public transport and while interacting with friends.

Such people have a high risk of falling into depression or commit suicide in the absence of the smartphone. Rotating balls on the toy familiar movement of the fingers, the person will get rid of stress.

His invention Klemens Schillinger presented in the framework of the Vienna design Week. The device has not yet arrived in the sale, also does not know its final cost.

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