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An ancient Palace complex found in Mexico

Древний дворцовый комплекс найден в Мексике In Oaxaca unearthed the ruins of the ancient Palace complex.

Archaeologists have discovered in the Mexican valley of Oaxaca, the ruins of the ancient Palace complex, which is approximately 2100-2300 years.

According to scientists in an article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the complex was built during the formation of the first States in this territory.

The area of the detected complex is 2790 square feet. As stress researchers, its structure is reminiscent of the Royal palaces that existed on the territory of Mesoamerica at a much later period of time. The complex was designed and built as a single construction, it combines living and working spaces, a dining area and a place of sacrifice.

According to the researchers, the large size of the complex suggest that the subordination of the owner had a lot of labor.

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