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An American ship near Kerch Russian RAM afraid

Американский корабль под Керчью русские таранить побоятся

The American landing ship dock Fort McHenry, “visiting” on the Black sea for five days, on 11 January passed the Bosphorus and left the area. 500 Marines who were on Board, was to demonstrate to Moscow that the United States simply because the arrest of Ukrainian seafarers in the Kerch Strait will not leave. This Ukrainian Internet portal “Obozrevatel” said the captain of the first rank of the U.S. Navy Harry Tabs.

According to him, the US and other NATO fucking intend in the future to eliminate similar incidents.

If you believe made the statement the head of mission of Ukraine to NATO Vadim Pristayko, the Black sea in the near future plans to visit the group of NATO ships headed to the Dutch flagship.

“There are standing groups — for example, now one of the groups was headed by the Netherlands, and the Dutch ship had just taken control, they are also going to go to the Black sea. The intensity of the visits of these ships has increased. Last year, for example, two groups at the same time came to the Black sea, this had not been observed,” — he said the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

While Ukrainian officials, however, recalled the existence of the Montreux Convention, which limits the number and tonnage of warships not belonging to the countries of the Black sea basin, as well as the time spent here.

“This will limit the possibility of further extension of the stay of NATO there,” he complained. But calling the Alliance ships in the Azov sea, he ruled out as “NATO no one is going to provoke Russia in the first place.”

But, as stated by Harry Tabs, Ukrainian ships will try to pass through the Strait again. In fact, the American captain again confirmed that the provocation was being prepared, with support from the Western partners of Kiev. However, he was sure that this time, Russian border guards will not interfere with the passage.

“U.S. warship to RAM the they will not and Turkish and other ships, in my opinion, Norwegian. They’re not going to RAM and will only go after them, “make a shadow”… Russia understands — it does not have sufficient naval forces to sink or to attack NATO ships,” — says the American “sea wolf”.

However, Harry Tabah remembered that the other day in Sevastopol came a large anti-submarine ship “Severomorsk”, which, according to an American officer, is one of the most powerful Russian ships.

Ukrainian military expert Oleg Starikov believes that sending “Severomorsk” in the Black sea, Russia makes clear: the presence near its shores of foreign ships, the Moscow will not tolerate.

In addition, he noted that NATO does not risk to go to the Black sea by large forces, there are only a few ships and a short period of time. In his opinion, in the block understand that a large number of Alliance ships will lead to an increase in the black sea region of the Russian group of the ships of the Northern fleet, which is considered the most powerful in the Russian Navy. However, even a “Severomorsk”, according to Starikov, is a serious threat to the forces of the Alliance.

Senator Igor Morozov has noted the increasing demonstration of naval activities of the United States, which the Russian Navy must respond in the Northern seas, and in the Pacific.

“The Black sea is not just the waters of several coastal States, but it is an area traditionally Russian presence and Majesty,” said he FAN.

On the ostentatious character of call of the ships of the NATO countries drew attention of the Ukrainian military expert Michael Potter. He was confident that the US and Britain would not violate the Montreux Convention.

“Since the USSR from the territory of Crimea and Sevastopol anti-ship missiles from the Black sea make it a great sweep through. Roughly speaking, the ship came out of the Bosphorus, it can be easily destroyed. No one will be substituted” — quoted expert “Polital”.

He believes that the Alliance ships only demonstrate the possibility of containment “of Russian intentions,” practice, it is unlikely they will succeed.

A similar point “SP” was expressed by a member-correspondent of the Academy of military Sciences, a political scientist and americanist Sergey Sudakov.

— Repeatedly we heard in Kiev called on the British fleet to pass the Kerch Strait together with the Ukrainian ships. Then the Russian guards won’t react, will miss everyone and it will be a real breakthrough.

We must understand that today Poroshenko will be extremely difficult to win elections without bloodshed, without creating a series of provocations.

On the other hand, we are well aware that no matter who as votes, important as you think. And as you see in Ukraine, is well known. Even if 2% would vote for Poroshenko, he wins. But he needs to show that he is willing to be drawn into a big conflict Russia.

Not so long ago, NATO declared that Russia’s position has allowed the countries of the Alliance to unite and create a rather powerful fist. Us senators simply applaud the creation of an enemy image of Russia, knowing that the more you create the image of the enemy, the more the Alliance pays America.

“SP”: — will Go the United States a provocation?

— The Americans are not willing to do the provocations by their hands, but ready to do this the forces of the Alliance. That is, any of the ships of the countries of the Alliance, it can go to the provocation and see what the reaction would be.

Regardless of whose ship this is (American, British or what else) if they violated the borders of the Russian Federation violated the rules of passing the borders of the Russian Federation, one way or another the ship will be detained.

The question of “the RAM or not the RAM” is not worth it, no one will risk the lives of the sailors of the Alliance or the U.S. Navy. So all these provocations will remain at the level of words. Americans will never risk your. And attempt to play the scenario through the third countries included in the so-called allied relations with America, of course, possible to see how the Russians will react, not weak if the Russian will stop the caravan.

In fact, we have a clear Directive: regardless of what flag is on the squadron or military ship, there are General rules for all regardless of who it is — Ukraine, America or any other state that attempts to violate our borders.

We simply have the understanding that there is international law and we act on it.

“SP”: — what, then, is based the confidence of the representative of the United States that Russian border guards will not interfere with the passage if it will involve foreign ships?

— I believe that it was his own illusion. The words that he says was largely said for Ukraine and not for Russia. Any military or naval man understands: a military to exist, to fulfill the duty to execute the order. The military no matter what the ship’s hold, under what flag, if it is a ship-infringer.

And he knows that any conflict, even if it’s detained an American ship, will not lead to a global nuclear conflict. Repeatedly the senators from the democratic bloc in America, as well as congressional Democrats, said approximately the following: the Russians are so weak that they fear a repetition of the Caribbean crisis, and to touch one of us they can’t, because you know we are a great nuclear power.

But Americans have forgotten one simple thing — we are also a great nuclear power. And never because of the incident in marine Strait will not be unleashed by nuclear war. The Americans understand this, and we understand that, so any provocation will be stopped.

Russia is now strong enough from the point of view of their borders, their armed forces, which can solve any task. But the Americans about why they keep quiet, and about the resources that currently exist in the Crimea. And they allow you to fight with more than one ship that attempts to pass our borders.

And coastal systems that are installed, enough to cover completely the entire area and to make our border was closed on the lock.

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