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An alcoholic among psycho – Vincent Cassel in the Thriller “Black stripe” (RUSSIAN TRAILER)

After a couple of shifts in the schedule release, it seems that distributor, “cinema Prestige” still finally decided to release in Russian cinemas, the Thriller “Black stripe” (Fleuve noir) November 22, 2018. At least fresh Russian trailer shows exactly that date.

Franco-Belgian painting was removed Erick Zoncaand the starring role in the film is performed by highly experienced Vincent Cassel (“Crimson rivers”, “brotherhood of the wolf”, “Irreversible”, “the Show, the Mystic”). It looks like an intricate psychological Thriller in which “everyone’s a suspect”: a drunk COP investigates the disappearance of a teenager and gradually begins to see the threat from the mother of a boy and his school teacher.

Commissioner Francois Visconti, battered a policeman investigates, at first glance, a routine case involving the disappearance of teenager Danny Arno. The Commissioner may be suspicious everything: sexy mother and taciturn thug-father, and even a school teacher, Jan Bellal, unexpectedly offered the police its help in the search. The investigation turns from suspect to suspect, but no trace of the boy, and the chances of finding him alive less and less…

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