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An accident on the Kerch bridge was filmed by witnesses. Video

Аварию на Керченском мосту сняли очевидцы. ВидеоIn the Crimea on the Kerch bridge accident

In the occupied Crimea, eyewitnesses took video of one of the spans under construction railway line which went down into the water. There were no injuries on the construction schedule, the incident has not affected. The corresponding video can be viewed on YouTube.

On the offshore section construction of a bridge between Tuzlanskog oblique and the eponymous island in the process of lowering one of the support rail of the stairs lurched and fell into the waters, in shallow water. It is assumed that this was the result of a technical malfunction of one of the jacking systems.

Bridge bearings are not damaged, the design is not broken, so the situation should not affect the timing of the project. According to the work schedule with the sliding of spans in marine areas is planned for completion in the first quarter of 2019.

In place of the fallen superstructure will be new within 30-45 days.

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