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Amongst the African rocks have discovered an ancient statue

Среди африканских скал обнаружили древнюю статую The discovery was made quite by accident.

A scientist named Angelo Pitoni in Sierra Leone (Africa) has made a unique discovery: at an altitude of 1500 meters, he noticed the giant human head carved from stone is clearly not nature.

Specialist decided at first that what they saw is just an illusion, resulting from the particular refraction of the light, the shadow and its position relative to the rock. The man was full of optimism, so I decided to refute their conjectures.

It is worth noting that Angelo Pitoni already made a significant discovery. For example, in 1990 in some African diamond mine, he found a stone, which was underestimated to a certain point. Only when the find was examined by the specialists, the scientist realized that he had found a jewel – stone of pure oxygen.

Being confident in your abilities, Pitomi climbed the mountain to a height of half a kilometer. Unfortunately, the result of the study is unknown: the man had no time to pass on the secrets before he died. Whether find sculpture age 12 thousand years, to figure out other experts.

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