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Americans scared circling over new York city military aircraft

Американцев напугала кружащая над Нью-Йорком военная авиация In the United States held exercises for ensuring security of the newly elected President

The inhabitants of Manhattan was seriously scared when over their heads a long time circling military aircraft and combat helicopter. In social networks already began to assume that the city was infiltrated by enemy saboteurs, the other wrote about a terrorist attack, but the real reason was somewhat different.

As it turned out, military aircraft for a long time hovering over Manhattan as part of the exercise in providing security to the newly elected President of the United States.

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According to the U.S. national guard aircraft participated in the allocated part of the exercise for evacuation of Donald trump.

In the military emphasize the 30-minute flight of military aircraft over new York city was forced, but very necessary security measure for the White house.

According to information of the national guard, C-130 and a Black Hawk helicopter carried out the operation to simulate the evacuation of the newly elected President of the trump tower.

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The new Yorkers are outraged that they were not warned about such large-scale exercises. In service of rescue 911 received hundreds of calls about the appearance of military aircraft over Manhattan.

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