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Americans are hard-potrollit Putin trump

Американцы жестко потроллили Путина с ТрампомOn the building of the Apple store in new York displays an image of Putin that hugs pregnant trump.

On Tuesday, February 14, on the building of the Apple store in new York appeared the image of Putin, who is pregnant trump.

The image was projected onto a building in Manhattan where there is Apple retail store.

Illustration created for Valentine’s Day thanks to the Hater app, which is how people who hate the same things.

On illustrations trump and Putin have placed a hashtag with the slogan of the company #lovethroughhate (“love despite hate”).

Almost 80% of users of Hater, there are more than 200 000 people, said that “hate” trump.

Founder and chief Executive officer Hater Brendan Alper in comments regarding the appearance of the image, said, “We’re just trying to make people laugh. Using humor, hatred can turn into love.”

“No matter whose side you’re on, it’s very annoying”, he added.

According to the publication, projections of this image also appeared on two other walls in new York.

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