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Americans are big losses in Syria

Американцы несут большие потери в Сирии

In the East Syria Russia and her allied local forces have not conduct any active hostilities. Major operations ceased after the capture of Abu-Kemal. Had plans to go further along the border with Iraq, but the transition to the Eastern Bank of the Euphrates prevented the Americans and the Kurds. So now the activity of the Syrian Arab army and Russian HQs have moved to Western regions. What is not true about Americans.

They are certainly not omnipresent, but try to put your hand to Affairs taking place almost all over Syria. They solve problems with the Turks who were preparing to storm Manbij, in the Northern province of Aleppo. They somehow influenced the situation in Idlib. They’re in the South of the province of HOMS, and periodically attacked by Pro-government forces in the region. Washington did not forget about Deir ez-Zor. This province was not until the late released at that time, when the Kurds and Damascus almost simultaneously started a full-scale attack on the positions of ISIS. The East and South-East of Hasaka still continued to occupy the militants pseudoalpina. This circumstance prompted US to launch the last stage, it would seem, has completed operations “Unwavering commitment”. Previously, she was related mainly to Iraq, but then “migrated” in Syria, then it seems destined to end.

But while it continues. Yes, despite regular claims about the complete destruction of the Islamic state in Syria are still thousands of fighters loyal to Baghdadi (leader of ISIS — ed.) and believe in the revival of his absurd theocracy. And even uncle Sam with myriads of Kurdish soldiers cannot still take their miserable piece of land lost somewhere in the desert between Syria and Iraq. Although the airstrikes and land operations are performed continuously, the final victory so no one said, except, of course, Donald trump, who a year ago said that “beat ISIS”, however, our military claimed the same thing, only using different words. In fact, the US continues to fight, and given to them is not easy.

So, recently began to appear information about the casualties on the Americans during an operation against LIH. This is reported by Iranian, Syrian and Turkish media. Initially it was told about a certain incident, which killed two soldiers of the army of the United States. Igilovtsy after another attack by the coalition forces on their positions, managed to quickly organise a response. They attacked the Kurdish-American convoy of military equipment. A few days later appeared in the media more information. Sites related to terrorists, called the attack success, as its results among the Americans was not less than fifteen bodies, and the account goes on tens wounded. What’s more, the militants even managed to capture a part of the equipment and maybe even tanks. It happened in the province of Hasaka, close to the border with Deir-ez-Zor. Among the victims are also lots of Kurds.

Perhaps the number of victims by terrorists are exaggerated, but the clash definitely was the place to be. And it is not the first in recent times. During August and September, the people’s protection Units, are the main fighting force of the us operations in Syria, have lost almost a hundred people. Data on casualties among the Americans also periodically do this, but some accurate data there.

It is known that at the moment the terrorists managed to win back some previously released by the Americans and the Kurds of the settlement. It follows from this that a no the offensive the terrorists are still capable of. It threatens States with more victims? Or, perhaps, they are tired of the losses will be decided on the final assault?

Australian expert Richard Frank believes that for the United States in Syria, the loss of ten military — a lot. States actually didn’t even try to predict losses due to ground operations, because major tasks on earth to fulfill the people’s protection Units. But lately the victim of their stalking.

— The Pentagon is usually to classify information on casualties in such conflicts. Syria never was a war, as in Iraq. In Syria’s anti-terrorist actions, against the background of the difficult political situation to disclose data on losses is not the best solution. So did other States. But in the middle East press information reaches the public. Not everyone can believe. But the losses seem to have. There is nothing surprising — all who go to war may die. In this case, there are no exceptions for the United States or other countries, but the situation is that the United States after numerous conflicts developed an approach in which the victims are virtually eliminated. Moreover, as I mentioned — the anti-terrorist operation. Fifteen just as a result of attack of fighters is too much. How could this happen? An unexpected ambush? In Syria it is possible, in spite of every precaution and constant monitoring of the territory from the air. In the future we can not exclude such losses, but there is no doubt that the US is after any incident trying to maximize the security of its people.

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