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American tourists and Japanese horror in the trailer of horror “Temple”

When you go to a foreign country, it is advisable to prepare. To read about it, for example, about the sights: where to walk, where better not to go. Although among the tourists there are those who simply wants to get into some bad place. After all, every city needs to be blasted school, the bunker with the dead and full of ghosts of the abandoned mental hospital. Well, or something like that.

Japan is one of the most mysterious countries. And one of the most attractive. That trio of American tourists from the movie Michael Barrett’s “Temple” (The Temple) moved to the land of the rising sun, hoping to have a great time. And they succeeded one hundred percent. At least, miss them do not have to. The characters were so fascinated by an abandoned Church that decided to spend the night there. Despite all the warnings of the locals. What happened next is easy to guess.

The film starred Logan Huffman, Brandon Tyler Sklenar and Natalia Warner. People are not exactly unknown, but not really so identical, especially when it comes to horror. Much more interesting is the figure of the screenwriter – Simon Barrett. He worked on such films as “Dead birds”, “You’re dead!”, “Guest” and “Blair Witch: a New Chapter”. Along with Director Adam Vingrad (cooperation with which it has a long and successful) Barrett will be adapted for American viewers of Korean hit “I saw the devil”. In short, man in the subject.

We got the trailer where you can get acquainted with the characters, explore locations (the film was shot in Tokyo) and have a taste of the mysterious East horror. The film is marketed as a homage to the classics of j-horror, but it has its own face. It is called unique and scary as hell, in which, of course, want to believe. However, trust but verify. To do this will be 1 September 2017, when there will be the release of “Temple” in the cinema and on VOD platforms.

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