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American students played a funny McDonald’s

Американские студенты забавно разыграли McDonald'sThey were offered a good job.

The company McDonald’s hired two of the culprit, who hung his portrait in one of the restaurants of the network.

American student Jev Marawila drew attention to the fact that on posters in McDonalds no Asian models and hung on the empty wall a poster of himself and his friend. He stayed there for more than 50 days and no one noticed.

Then they published a video in which he told about his trick. Students did a photo shoot, stylized under the best posters that hang at McDonalds, and then Marawila clothed the form of the employee of the institution and put up a poster.

The video became viral, but even after that McDonalds did not react to the poster. He continued to hover. Then a student called the administration of the restaurant and told them the story. Praised him and left a poster on the wall.

On 17 September, the former President appeared in the Studio of the Ellen DeGeneres. She even asked them to hang a poster that drew her fan.

And then told me that McDonalds wants to hire them for the filming of commercials for the network and gave them two huge cheque for $25 thousand dollars each.

After the broadcast on Twitter appeared to confirm the seriousness of McDonalds.

“Guys, your dream is fulfilled. Expect to see more works from the best regional interior designers with whom we worked”

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