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American scientists plan to decipher the DNA of a million people

Американские ученые намерены расшифровать ДНК миллиона человекThe national institutes of health has already allocated $28.6 million for the construction of three centers of genetic data.

In the United States launched the largest project in the history of DNA sequencing of a million people. Scientists called it symbolically All of Us (All of us). This was reported on the website of the National institutes of health, USA.

Now the program was 110 thousand volunteers, 60 thousand of which had already completed the main phase of data collection.

Its main task scientists say the study of human diversity, and human genetic data. Thus, scientists hope to make a qualitative leap in identifying and addressing different diseases, and as a result, the increase in the duration of human life.

The project All of Us succeeded the first large-scale international program “human Genome”, which started in 1990. Then the purpose of the scientists was to determine the structure of the human genome. The main work was done in the research centers of the USA, Canada and UK.

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