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American scientists named the unusual product for decompression

Американские ученые назвали необычный продукт для понижения давления The study proved the effect of nuts on blood pressure.

Scientists from the U.S. found that eating pistachios may help reduce the symptoms of hypertension. Today, a quarter of the inhabitants of the Earth diagnosed with high blood pressure.

People diagnosed with hypertension can’t afford the extra fiznagruzki and eat any products. Every day they have to follow a proper diet and also to consume special medications that help to normalize blood pressure. Experts conducted scientific work to identify a natural way to reduce symptoms of hypertension.

In the course of scientific work it was found that nuts have the properties to lower blood pressure. Scientists say that even one serving of pistachio nuts is able to reduce symptoms of hypertension and also helps to minimize the risk of complications. This type of nuts has a positive effect on blood vessels, thus removing the tone in the blood vessels and lowering blood pressure. As told by the doctors, the first symptoms of hypertension are headache, which can be swelling of the eyelids and face, pain in the heart, vision problems and tinnitus.

With hypertension, if you do not follow the instructions of the attending physician, may develop hypertensive crisis. It often leads to serious changes and damage to some organs and systems of the body, so high blood pressure is contraindicated in any fiznagruzki and the situation of severe stress.

New scientific work has identified an alternative and natural way to combat high blood pressure. Scientists suggest people with a diagnosis of hypertension on a daily basis include in your diet pistachios.

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