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American scientists made the first teleportation

Американские ученые совершили первую телепортациюAt Yale University first demonstrated teleportation.

Researchers from Yale University demonstrated one of the key steps in the development of the modular architecture of quantum computers: a deliberate “teleportation” of a quantum gate between two qubits.

Information about the study published in the scientific journal Nature. Team led by principal investigator Robert Schoelkopf and former graduate student Kevin Chou explores a modular approach to quantum computation. Modularity inherent in everything from the biological cell to the engines of the latest SpaceX rockets has been an effective strategy in building large, complex systems. Quantum modular architecture consists of a set of modules, operating as a small quantum processor, connected to a larger network.

The modules of this architecture is naturally isolated from each other that prevents unwanted interaction through a larger system. However, this isolation also complicates the conduct of operations between modules. Teleportirovat gates – a method of performing inter-module operations.

“Our work was the first case to demonstrate this Protocol, where classical communication happens in real time, which allows for “deterministic” operation, each time performing a necessary process,” says Chow.

Fully functioning quantum computers have the potential to achieve computational speeds that are orders of magnitude higher than that of modern supercomputers. Yale scientists are at the forefront of research is the development of the first fully functional quantum computer and has already done groundbreaking work in quantum computing with superconducting circuits.

Quantum calculations are performed using sensitive bits of data, known as qubits, which are prone to errors. In the experimental quantum systems, the logical qubits are controlled by “auxiliary” qubits for registration and immediate error correction.

“Our experiment is the first demonstration dvuhmestnoe operations between logical qubits, says Schoelkopf. – A milestone on the way to the processing of quantum information via qubits, correcting mistakes”.

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