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American scientists have created a unique glue for wounds

Американские ученые создали уникальный клей для ранMedicine does not stand still.

The staff of Women’s hospital of Brigham, examining the ability of the slugs, were able to create a unique surgical sealant, which can delay healing on the skin and on damaged organs.

For a long time we used to sutures and staples for a deep wound, but these methods has its disadvantages: seams, especially if they impose on the internal organs, is an expensive procedure, but the staples are not applied everywhere and they damage the tissue, which increases the risk of infection.

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These two methods form a hard scar, which can cause some other complications and a repeat visit to the doctors.

Specialists of the laboratory Jeffrey Karp studied dark slugs and their slime, as it is a multi-musky adhesive, by which the animal adheres to the surface and held in it. This mucus is 97 percent water and has two related polymers with a total positively and negatively charged proteins.

This mucus helped the authors to develop hydrogel dissipative with polymers that create ionic and covalent, with the total negative charge and the connecting polymer that has a binding reagent with a total positive charge.

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In the experiment it was created a sticky substance that provides a solid contact surfaces and can be stretched, not torn. New job perfectly adheres to the skin, arteries, cartilage, is able to close holes in the heart tissue and stop bleeding even in a damaged liver.

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