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American scientists have changed the genes of a human embryo

Американские ученые впервые изменили гены человеческого эмбрионаIn the United States for the first time spent editing human embryos.

Oregon University of health and science (OHSU) in Portland for the first time in the United States used a technology that allows you to change the genes in a human embryo.

According to sources familiar with the scientific results of the research conducted by Shukhrat by Mitalipov from the University of health and science of Oregon, included a change in DNA in a large number of one-celled embryos using editing technology CRISPR genes.

Although none of the embryos are allowed to develop for more than several days — and there was never any intention of implanting them in the uterus — experiments are an important milestone in what may be the inevitable way to the birth of the first genetically modified human.

By changing the DNA code of human embryos, scientists will be able to remove or correct genes that cause hereditary diseases, such as beta-thalassemia. This process is called “germ line engineering”, because any genetically modified child then pass changes to subsequent generations through their own germ cells.

Note that some countries have signed the Convention banning such research for fear that their results can be used to create so-called “children to order”.

Some critics say that the experiments with germ-line can open the floodgates to a new world “children to order”, designed with genetic improvements. Against this perspective favor a number of religious and public organizations, and biotechnology companies.

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