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American recognized a maniac who planned a mass murder at school

Американка распознала маньяка, планировавшего массовое убийство в школеA resident of the United States identified the maniac one message.

A resident of new Jersey 17 October, I received a Facebook message from a racist 20 years (according to others, 21-year-old) resident of Kentucky, as reported by the police. The next day law enforcement officers visited the apartment of a young man for conversation, found firearms in the car the guy 200 rounds of ammunition, a bulletproof vest and a detailed plan of attack on the school.

40-year-old Coberly bull – white, but her husband died in 2012, was black. A widow raising two teenage daughters and eight-year-old son. Jarrell wrote bull that wants to be “Negro”, and wished death for herself and her “children of monkeys”.

At bull had no friends or relatives in Kentucky, she was unfamiliar with Darrellom. The woman did not understand why he wrote it, and tried to send a reply message, but the young man blocked it. Then the bull asked his friends to see the place of residence specified in his profile, and then contacted the police – first in new Jersey and later in Kentucky. According to CNN, she did it not only because of the message of Jarrell, but because of the photo in its profile – in the photo the young man is depicted with a gun.

After a call bull Kentucky police checked the identity of Jarrell and found that in may 2018, he attracted the attention of the FBI as published in social networks threats to one of the schools in Tennessee. The next day the cops went to talk to a young man. They caught him exiting the garage; his car found firearms, 200 rounds of ammunition, a bulletproof vest and a detailed plan for the attack on the school. “Caught him… with everything you need for committing this heinous attack,” – said later the Commissioner of police Kentucky Rick Sanders.

In what school Jarrell was going to have a shooting, it was reported. The police stated that the evidence of “real and imminent threat” schools in Anderson County, where he lived a young man, and Shelby counties; the next day they closed all the schools. The motive of Jarrell unclear; we only know that he had studied at the school of Shelby County, passed the exams at school, in the County of Anderson. Carrillo was charged with terroristic threats and harassment; he not pleaded guilty. Now the young man is in custody, a preliminary hearing in his case will take place in early November.

The police acknowledged that to prevent the attack helped call women from new Jersey, but did not name her name. Nevertheless, it is clear that this is bull: October 19, she posted a Facebook video with a screenshot of the page of Google with news about the arrest of Jarrell. Video signed: “I didn’t see this coming, but thank God I listened to my intuition”.

Then the bull began to receive numerous messages of thanks from residents of Kentucky. Although, according to the woman, she did not think that his appeal to the police will help someone other than his own family. “I was just protecting my children,” said bull Associated Press.

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