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American proclaimed himself the new Pope

Американец провозгласил себя новым Папой Римским The man already has dozens of followers.

David Bowden of Topeka is located in Kansas, the whole world is protesting that the real Pope Francis and other Ministers do not bear the world nothing useful, they spread only darkness and deception. And to help people allegedly called David.

Since childhood, the American was interested in religion. Many years ago, he clearly understood that the Catholic Church is ruled by the impostors, whose aim is the same – to extort more money. Back in 1990 Bowden was elected in his hometown of the Pope. Since then, he organizes mass prayers and organizes its own Liturgy way of the Cross.

For the past 28 years, self-proclaimed the Pope is the spiritual leader of 1.25 billion Catholics. He even created a website “Vatican in exile” and starred in an autobiographical film. Unfortunately, not all people react to the work of the “real” Pope. Some openly threaten the man with violence. Bowden notes that does not hold a grudge on anyone, the Lord himself will judge all.

Now, the male has 60 followers. Yet the Pontiff does not own Church where he could help people. The man working multiple jobs to build the desired temple.

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