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American presidents in American cinema. The best examples

To be President of the United States is always heavily show business. Not surprisingly, and show business the way the President uses always with great pleasure. In no other country in the world, there are so many actors, who played the heads of state. That’s just the most vivid images.

American presidents in American cinema. The best examples

Daniel Day-Lewis, Abraham Lincoln

Daniel day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln. The Film “Lincoln”

Invite Daniel day-Lewis for the role of Lincoln is not the most obvious choice, especially given that the most striking movie image of the actor in previous years were quite hard. The butcher and Plainview – mocking sadists, perverts, murderers. And suddenly, the image of the great humanist, a wise politician, peacemaker, orator. But it seems that neither before nor after in American cinema nobody played Lincoln with such passion and such charm. Apparently, so the President will remain in the public mind. Day-Lewis is the only actor in history to play the role of President of the United States has received “Oscar”.

Trailer of the movie “Lincoln”

Harrison Ford, James Marshall

Harrison Ford as President James Marshall

This President never was, but even a fictional U.S. President is an important symbolic image. It is important that his plane leaves from Moscow and that capturing terrorists-Communists. It is important that the President is a real hero action, which is not waiting until it will be saved, and works himself. It saves yourself and your family, so that can save his people in case of danger. If a President, his need to invent. No wonder every kid in the US with childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut and pilot, namely the President, because it needs to be perfect in every way. An ideal American.

Trailer of the movie “air force one”

Aaron Eckhart, Benjamin Escher

Aaron Eckhart as President Benjamin Asher

Another similar image. Here the stakes are much higher: terrorists attack directly on the White house, taken the President hostage, and there’s no fantasy authors would not have helped him to escape on their own. Fortunately, there is a specially trained super agent. But the President will have to show force, to show character and prove that American presidents do not become weaklings.

Trailer for the movie “Olympus has fallen”

Morgan Freeman, Tom Beck

Morgan Freeman as President Tom Beck

In “Olympus has fallen” Freeman played the Vice-President that for him, of course, was a kind of demotion. After all, for many years before he informed his compatriots about the imminent destruction of the Earth and he did it from the presidential chair. No one can remember exactly faced any planet with a deep, heartfelt speech but Freeman it is impossible to forget.

Trailer of the movie “deep impact”

Bill Pullman, Thomas George. Whitmore

Bill Pullman as President Thomas J. Whitmore

I must say that in most cases the President’s role in American cinema is to first notify the Americans about a serious problem, then to meet it with them, and then personally thank the one who saved the day. And here. Aliens attacked the Earth, and the President and his speeches inspire citizens.

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Trailer of the movie “independence Day”

Jack Nicholson, James Dale

Jack Nicholson as President James Dale

Here is another example. Aliens again and again the President is trying to keep everyone from panicking. The films came out almost simultaneously, and although the “independence Day” was very successful, and “Mars attacks!” failed at the box office, but it is the latter memorable for all the attentive audience and immediately achieved cult status.

Trailer of the movie “Mars attacks!”

Jamie Foxx, James W. Sawyer

Jamie Foxx as President James Sawyer V.

If skin color is the President black, this is changing, not so much. It is still clear that he is in his place and will do anything to save America was at its full cooperation.

Trailer of the movie “storm the White house”

Lloyd Bridges, Thomas Benson

Lloyd bridges in the role of President Tom Benson

“I think we are in danger of sabotage.” “What does that mean?” “Well, we need to strengthen protection”. “No, the word “sabotage” – what is it?” The Comedy “Hot shots 2” was one of the funniest movies of the 90s. And it is logical that the eccentric Admiral Benson from the first part here turned into eccentric but good-natured President. His fight with laser swords with Saddam Hussein has become one of the most quoted scenes of his time.

Leslie Nielsen, Harris

Leslie Nielsen as President Harris

This President is almost a copy of Thomas Benson. He is as effervescent nonsense and such a serious expression. And the procurement of the craziest stories from his biography. Another thing is that Leslie Nielsen is much more known, so for the new generation of this character was noticeable that often happens in life.

Movie trailer “scary movie 3”

Peter Sellers, Merkin Muffly

Peter sellers in the role of President Merkin Muffly

“Hello, Dmitry! Hi! You could turn the music down, very hard to hear”, it’s the American President calls Soviet General Secretary to announce nuclear war. Probably sarcastic images of American presidents emerged from this role Peter Sellers, not home in the legendary film.

The trailer of the film “Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb”

Tim Robbins

Tim Robbins in the role of President

Even if your character has no name, he’s just “President”, the role is honorary, it is a random person will not call. Tim Robbins, a man of incredible charisma, dramatic actor with a sense of humor, perfectly blended into the madness that surrounds Austin powers. Robbins is not in the credits, so for the first spectators of the film his appearance on the screen was a pleasant surprise.

Trailer for the movie “Austin powers: the Spy who shagged me”

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George Clooney, Devlin

George Clooney President Devlin

It seems that George Clooney agreed to star in this little episode only to after “I decided to become President of the United States” a dazzling smile. And all admirers of the actor by surprise, fainted.

Charlie Sheen Ratkoc

Charlie sheen as the President Radoka

He legalized marijuana in 48 States, and in a campaign video he is with a gun in his hand protects amendment to the Constitution. With the President are definitely not lost.

Movie trailer “Machete kills”

Harry Shearer, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Harry Shearer as President Arnold Schwarzenegger

It would be surprising if President Schwarzenegger in the simpsons voiced by Schwarzenegger himself: his average fee is usually much higher than the entire budget of the animated feature, along with advertising costs. So we hear of another actor. But the case is notable.

Robin Williams is Dwight Eisenhower and Theodore Roosevelt

Robin Williams as President Theodore Roosevelt

Robin Williams as President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Not every actor get the opportunity to play two American presidents, not fictional, but real, even if it films in very different genres. If “night at the Museum” – is the emergence of Williams in the usual comic role, “the Butler” – movie serious. It is unique in that it shows several American presidents. Company Williams here was James Marsden, Liev Schreiber, John Cusack and Alan Rickman. This is a good ensemble for the full red carpet.

Movie trailer “the Butler”

Anthony Hopkins, John Kiunsi Adams and Richard Nixon

Anthony Hopkins in Rodi President John Quincy Adams

Anthony Hopkins as President Richard Nixon

Not only Robin Williams played several presidents. There were other cases. For example, Kevin Kline and Michael Douglas also played presidents twice. But only Anthony Hopkins for his presidential role received two nominations for “Oscar”, almost in a row, with a break of only two years. Only for “Nixon” was nominated for a leading role, and “Amistad” – the role of the second plan. It is difficult to believe that these images embody one and the same person. In General they are only what they believe unconditionally.

Trailer of the movie “Amistad”

Bill Murray, Franklin Roosevelt

Bill Murray in the role of Franklin Roosevelt

Unfortunately, this quiet and elegant film, where bill Murray played one of his best roles, was held in Russia, almost imperceptibly. Indeed, our audience can easily be confused Theodore Roosevelt with Franklin Roosevelt, and watch out for his affair with a cousin is not the same that come on the Thriller about aliens with popcorn. But this film exists, and, fortunately for us, there are opportunities to see it, which never dreamed of any of these presidents. Here the individual is much more important positions, and power is just an excuse to be a little more secretive and cautious, while passions will break out.

Trailer for the movie “Hyde Park on Hudson”

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