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American patriots demand the abolition of the “Far Cry 5”

The new part of the popular series from Ubisoft just got colorful promotional materials, as has already become the object of fairly aggressive attack. We are talking about petitions on the portal, the authors of which who signed as United Gamers (Gamers United) require the cancellation of the release of the game. What is in their opinion bad new “Far Cry”?

And the arguments u guys are so funny, and it is unclear what is involved if this issue is a real crazy sect (like our local idiots) or it’s just deliberate trolling. The list of demands put forward by the supposedly proud and independent American gamers, as follows:

– Change villains. It’s not that hard, really. Why not make them Islamists, who are now quite a lot in the US? Or are you afraid of?
– Rethink the villains. Why is the “bad guy” must be an American Christian? Even so, let it be at least not white, in our country there are many people of other nationalities. Add blacks and Mexicans. Why not be politically correct in the least?
– Rewrite the story. Let the villains be “misguided patriots” who decided to create their own nation in spite of the government and using the anger of their subordinates to gain influence. Their cruelty and violence are explained as a reaction to the injustice of the laws, to show that in this dispute, neither side is right.
– Find another place of action. Anti-Americanization is now popular in France, but in America such a direction to do nothing. Why not move the action in Canada? Then you will not be deterred from their ideas of potential players, and only earn more money.

In General, laughter through “facepalm”. All this rhetoric is aimed supposedly to help the developers promote the game in the US (by the way, Ubisoft is a French company and fifth series child develops Ubisoft Montreal, based in Canada), but in fact is only a listing of completely useless and meaningless sentences like, “we would have done better.” And okay scored United Gamers only these unexpected points but they started the petition is really gaining votes, though not so much (at the time of this writing it has been signed already 1435 people and this number is growing). Unlikely, of course, such actions will prevent the release of the anticipated video games, but at least to amuse its creators, the guys will be able to accurately. Although the author of the petition has already managed a small addition to praise Ubisoft for the frame with one of the antagonists of “Far Cry 5”, which was “lucky” to be African American – even after that, the project was even more “sins” from social to political.

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