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American media: In the new world may not be the place for US

Американские СМИ: В новом мире может не оказаться места для США

An unprecedented rigidity of America, covering all sectors and spheres of life, the inability to change and adapt in the internal and external policy, will lead to the fact that in the new world order’s not going to be the former United States. Even the accident with the coronavirus in the country are not made inert system for change. Writes about this edition of The American Conservative in an article by Patrick Buchanan, the famous American politician and the conservative.

“Internationalism” Washington ignores reality

The author is reputed to be an ardent reactionary, with undisguised irritation attacks the “liberal” Henry Kissinger, who “gave” postcoronary the future of China and Russia (of course, not without the United States). Buchanan out that even in the face of danger internationalists simply ignore reality.

You can’t build a future with the state, which has generated and disseminated a fatal virus, and then another and hide the truth! – resents Buchanan.

Американские СМИ: В новом мире может не оказаться места для США


Goes to Europe, which is charged with discord and criminal acts against their own neighbors, when I had to appear before the face of the greatest threat to mankind. In this situation, the American diplomat is more and more evidence and proof of the correctness of his own theory of “law of the jungle” where every man for himself.

Is it a wonderful “new world order”?

The author vehemently attacks the concept of “public trust” Kissinger, preferring confirmed by theory “each state survives by itself.”

In the era of the troubles people go to the managers and governors, persons of “the first circle”, acting in the first place, not orators-politicians, especially liberal – writes Buchanan, criticizing an article by opponent of Henry Kissinger.

Conservative decries the very idea of a “new world order” as a universal harmony in the planetary Confederation, in which people have fun and sell “simply visit each other’s homes”. This is nonsense and fiction!

Globalism and his supporters suffered a complete fiasco, the virus it is well demonstrated – said an American politician.

In his opinion, first should come the interests of the family, nation, and internationalism. In any case, the US needs to change, to be tougher and stop listening to the supporters of “soft” measures and Democrats, especially in conditions of war with the disease. Otherwise, America simply will not be space in the new world order, whatever it was, concludes Patrick Buchanan.

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