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American expert: the Arctic belongs to USA only

Американский эксперт: Арктика принадлежит только США

The increasing interest of Russia and China to the Arctic, the White house has repeatedly expressed concern about the growing activity of the allies in the region, denying the monopoly of one or two countries in this part of the world. More recently, Washington changed tactics: the manual States to move from words to action, blackmail and threats trying to squeeze out the main Arctic operators. This writes columnist Diane Francis from the publication The American Interest.

If not Russian, then whose?

According to the author, the US President Donald trump has placed the Arctic at the information the “radar” of the media world, focusing on Greenland. And although his desire to acquire “useful land” only provoked laughter, the experts of the White house showed more sagacity and literally clung to the region with a death grip, as if this part of the world already belongs to WA and is under its flag.

The first attempts to shift the focus of Russian-Chinese expansion in the Northern latitudes administration trump did back in may when Secretary of state Mike Pompeo openly threatened Beijing and Moscow, as well as, surprisingly, allied Canada about the fact that unacceptable any unilateral claims to the entire region.

Now priorities have changed: confirmed huge reserves of minerals, long-term climate forecasts and successes that demonstrate China and Russia in the development of the NSR and other Arctic transport routes, led to the fact that Washington has become increasingly not only called the owner of the region, but also to behave as the master of the Arctic.

The claims of hegemonic

If you omit the military component of “North danger”, the concern of the US due to the fact that Russia, supported by China creates a monopoly and Transpolar logistics infrastructure to supply large amounts of LNG, as well as goods and raw materials in Europe and Asia. All this poses a direct threat to the political image and interests of America, promising huge economic losses in the near future.

If Beijing and Moscow, Washington’s position is known, the criticism of the leadership of Canada about the so-called Northwest passage was a surprise to all. First USA claim to his faithful allies already solved the issue. According to experts, it testifies that the White house decided to completely eliminate all potential rivals, competing for the use of the Arctic region, opening the way for attempts to concentrate in its hands all the levers of influence on this part of the world.

In summary, the author sarcastically comments on trump as a “real estate professional, sitting in the oval office”, whose “harp gambit” ridiculous and frivolous. At the same time, Mrs. Francis commends the concrete steps Pompeo and the Administration to revise the world order in relation to the large unused region in the world. With threats and warnings, Washington stops the Moscow, Beijing, and Ottawa, sending a clear message: the Arctic is not Russian, and not someone else, she is an American, the expert concludes.

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