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American dentists have invented a new technology of treatment

Американские стоматологи изобрели новую технологию леченияNow the treatment of dangerous phenomena is possible without lasers.

American dental clinic started to implement a new method of treatment of periodontitis. Technology LANAP allows you to remove damaged tissue between the teeth and gums with a laser, without surgery. The creators of the technique claim that the new procedure helps to save teeth and avoid pain.

In the US, 80% of the adult population suffer from any forms of periodontitis, while only 3% are ready to be treated by these methods. In severe cases need surgery with a partial removal of bone, which is unacceptable for many patients. At the same time, in the absence of treatment there is a risk of tooth loss.

Protocol laser the formation of a new attachment (LANAP) allows to treat periodontitis minimally invasive method. “After 10 years of research and experiments, patients have the opportunity to save teeth and avoid surgery with bone removal. Our approach helps to avoid stitches, cuts and fears,” he told Digital Trends dentist and author Robert Gregg.

When performing LANAP laser removes the damaged tissue between tooth and gums and kills bacteria without damaging healthy tissue.

The method allows to create a new periodontal attachment without surgery. After undergoing LANAP-procedure patients do not need to take painkillers and a long time to recover.

Technology has already received approval from Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines USA (FDA). While this is the only method of recovering the bones and tissues of periodontitis, approved by the American regulator.

In recent years there have been several promising technologies for the regeneration of teeth. Doctors suggest the use of seals on the basis of stem cells that regenerate the surrounding pulp tissue and dentin. And for root canal treatment dentists have created a method of 3D-printing blood vessels, which reduces the risk of tooth decay and helps to fully restore their functions.

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