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American cheered the passengers at the airport’s makeshift karaoke

Американец развеселил пассажиров в аэропорту импровизированным караокеSinging to the passengers jokingly suggested that employees of the airline.

An American resident of the city of Rochester Mike Vadala (Mike Vadala) released a video in which one of the passengers tried to smooth over the situation with flight delays in the airport named after Louis Armstrong in New Orleans, performing at the intercom a song of a band called Blackstreet “No Diggity”.

On his Facebook page the man wrote that impromptu karaoke, it pushed the workers of Southwest Airlines. They hastily handed over the speakerphone the message that any person who asks the question about the flight delay, will sing before you get an answer.

Obviously it was a joke, but the airline employees didn’t interfere with the man and singing to him. After the performance of the song and fiery dance, he received applause from the other passengers.

In late September, the American Masjid of Masudi recorded dance video at the airport in Charlotte (North Carolina) after a late night connecting flight. The girl joined the staff of the airlines and even the Barista at the coffee shop

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