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American built turbojet Smart

Американец построил турбореактивный SmartBerg considers his creation “the perfect combination of aviation and automotive industry”.

A resident of Colorado bill Berg is equipped with a Smart rocket launcher. Tiny citicar with a gas turbine engine from a helicopter, outstanding 2,000 horsepower, able to accelerate up to 354 kilometers per hour.

Turbojet engine with afterburner General Electric T58-GE03 allows the car to accelerate to 257-273 kilometers per hour in about nine seconds. At the same time for five minutes Smart burns around 57 liters of fuel.

Somehow, Berg was able to obtain a license and rooms, so that the hatchback allowed on public roads. It moves using the stock motor, which spins the front wheels.

Last year, a British engineer Tom Bagnall showed scooter for disabled jet. Unit Bagnall has developed independently, having made a unique combustion chamber and adding to the design of the turbocharger from the truck.

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