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America on the eve of the great upheaval, which she may not survive

Amatymbica in the USA temporarily quieted down somewhat, and riots while became a little smaller. But overall, this is still country is on track to Second Civic and I don’t see any way to stop it. No, in principle they are, but in the current situation to use them would be extremely difficult. Internal stress increases, the confrontation intensifies, the remnants of the economy do not want to recover and become great again. Chaos grows and hide it is simply impossible.

Dozens killed, hundreds injured: independence Day USA turned into a string of tragedies

US down the sad outcome of the independence Day celebration. The weekend was marked by the shootings in different cities with a large number of victims and destruction of monuments. Over two days, while America was celebrating independence Day, killing dozens of people, hundreds injured. This is the bloody Sunday became Chicago 13 people were killed and 63 people were injured. Among the dead — 7-year-old Natalia Wallace, emerged from the house to watch the fireworks and shooting shot in the head. In Atlanta murdered 8-year-old Scoria Turner, who came with their parents to the restaurant, which is less than a month ago a COP shot and killed black of Rashard Brooks. This place has become a center of pilgrimage for protesters, they set up a perimeter there and one of them tried to avoid the girl’s father, when the crowd at the car opened fire.

Shot everywhere, safe places in the territory of the USA is almost gone. In South Carolina, in Greenville, the shooting occurred at a nightclub where young people were expecting a concert by local rapper. Two killed, eight wounded. Shooting with casualties occurred in Philadelphia, Boston, Cleveland, Washington, San Francisco, 37 cases of fire recorded in new York in two days — 9 people were killed and over 40 wounded. And all this against the background of the protesters demands to reduce funding to the police or even to remove the men in uniform from the streets. With predictable results.

In the upcoming 4 months after the election both parties said that does not recognize the victory of the other. And will fight to win, as it has promised, “Black Panthers”.



Yeah, race war, no more and no less. Of course, all of this over a lot of posturing, but it’s all on the audience. How about what has not yet spoken, but hard statistics?

In the United States registered a huge increase in arms sales

In the United States sharply increased sales of firearms, in June the increase as compared to the same period last year was 145,3%, said the analyst firm Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting (SAAF). Only in June, has sold over 2.3 million copies of weapons, gun sales exceeded 1.5 million units, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to the research company. Selling long guns amounted to 690 thousand units (an increase of 114.3% yoy). All other sales increased by 74%.

And that’s just legitimate sales. I wonder what the volume of illegal movements of guns?

Are mongrel of the globalists and their “opponents”. Their formal and one informal leader directly stated this.

Trump called the destruction of monuments “the new far-left fascism”

The President of the United States Donald trump is taking place in the country calls the “new extreme left fascism”, whose purpose — to destroy America. Such a statement he made during festive events, speaking to supporters in the shadow of mount Rushmore. Donald trump, the President of the United States: “Angry groups are trying to demolish the statues of our founders. They think the American people are weak, spineless and submissive. But it’s not. Trying to overthrow the monuments of the vandals seek to destroy the bonds of love and loyalty that Americans feel towards US and towards each other. Their goal is not the best America. Their goal is to end America. The manifestation of this new ultra left fascism requires absolute loyalty and is essentially totalitarianism.”

“When fascism comes to USA it will be called anti-fascism”. This phrase is attributed to Hugh long, although direct proof of this. But authorship does not matter – the meaning is transferred exactly. The dictatorship of big transnational capital today have adopted is not right, and the left of the wrapper. But their meaning has not changed – to maintain control over society.

The America we knew and which I still remember from the 70-80-ies are gone. This state and Americans – those who retained the ability to think.

Paul Craig Roberts: Where did my world?

I remember a time when it is not doing the packing with protection from clumsy handling and of children. That was before multiculturalism and identity politics, when we could still trust each other and parents took responsibility for their children, not shifting it to a company by filing claims. I remember well the days when at the state level was not taxes on income or sales. States were able to fulfill their obligations without them. A postage stamp cost 1 cent. Building for the middle class cost $11,000, for the upper middle class – $20,000. A million dollars was a huge fortune. Billionaires did not exist. In the aviation Museum at the naval base in Pensacola, Florida, is the reconstruction of the street of the 1940s. Here the menu of the restaurant offers a complete dinner for 69 cents.

Hehe, so this is the same “nostalgia for the sausage for 2.20!” :)).. Although maybe it’s completely different? As in the case of this sausage..

When I was five years old, I could safely walk a mile to walk to school and back, and my parents didn’t arrest the guardianship for the fact that they left the child unattended and in danger.

At school, we were able to draw fighter jets, warships and weapons, and no one saw us a threat to classmates and not sent for a psychiatric examination. Fights were a normal part of growing up. No one called the police, and we were not handcuffed and not taken to jail. Today children playing cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians and shooting each other of the fingers, was detained by the police. A fight means a rape charge and possible conviction.

Such freedom, what was in my childhood, now there except in the most remote villages.

..I really feel that I diskriminiert. But this discrimination, no one compensates me. I feel that I have stole my country or that I got kidnapped and taken to some strange place where I don’t recognize your house.

Well, Paul – now it’s your turn to feel that you have stolen your country. And it is not gloating, this is justice.

I also extremely fun to read as to the “sausage immigrants” bombed terribly from the situation in the United States. I remember very well how they left in the late 1980s from “this terrible-prijatnogo scoop”..

Pain lower back causes of what is happening in the US, the “sausage immigrants”. All those who fled from the USSR or from Russia, considering that it is well settled in America, and watering our country dirt from abroad – sad. Now many of them whine that “it’s time to blame” US, but I can’t think where. It is always interesting to read what they write, people now living in the proverbial “normal countries”. In mid-may I read you a letter from our countryman, describing from the inside a divided opposition America. But, it was the opinion of a normal person. Which, although left home, but not told about it in his letter bad word. Not all immigrants are, you know. The same new York neighborhood Brighton beach that once became the refuge of many Soviet dissidents, the mass is inhabited by people who have decades of Hayal our country. Many of those in other American cities. So entertaining to read their whining about the situation in “bless America.”

Further here are moaning podpindosnikov and polentoni. I recommend – they are exceedingly amusing and instructive. Not lucky for them, a disease.. now again we have to think where to blame “this country”. And nowhere..

Another very interesting article about what is happening. PETER TURCHIN “on the EVE of the GREAT REVOLUTION” (the Crisis of overproduction of elites). Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about for a long time – and resource crisis will write off part (and quite large) current ILIT in the scrap.

The world is entering a period of growing instability. The causes of tension lie deeper than is generally presented by economists and political scientists. Sure Peter Turchin, one of the famous researchers of the Institute of Santa Fe (Santa Fe Institute), which is engaged in interdisciplinary projects. As one of authors of the structurally-demographic theory Peter Turchin believes that the United States is only involved in a prolonged period of acute political instability. In VERY long..

Back to the global elite. In the last few years, there has been a new trend — the US is losing its geopolitical positions. If this trend continues, the U.S. will have to “uzhatsya”. But it will directly affect the economic position of transnational companies. The question arises: what will happen to white-collar employees of those companies? And in fact this process is already underway by the transnational oil company gradually losing ground, for example in Kazakhstan, in Russia, in South America. The USA has lost South America, except for just a couple of countries. Where you will get all the “extra” managers of these companies?

Of course, they can peacefully accept the loss of economic status and fall out of the elite. But this seems unlikely. And most importantly, what will happen to their children? Because of the revolution, of course, are young. What will happen to all this Golden youth who used to consider that their life will be at least in the same abundance as their parents, and the reality will be much worse?

In General, it is most likely the assumption that in that environment there are any ideologies — even now it is unclear what they can be, which will lead to very serious problems for the United States. At this level the forecast, I think we can do.

Yeah, the Bolivar will not sustain all and will not take them to a brighter future. So, the struggle of elites is terrible, because it will go for physical survival. Literally, for the former inter-elite arrangements seem to just go to the scrap.

This situation did not transition from feudalism to capitalism. Then despite all the turmoil, 90% of the European elites experienced a time of social hell. And now, it seems, will be closer to the version of the Dark ages, when almost none of the elite of Antiquity has experienced them. I believe that is likely to be something in between. But very violent and bloody.

Well, good-bye, America. I was not there and never will. And to hell with her.

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