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Ambulances in different countries. Photo

Автомобили скорой помощи в разных странах мира. ФотоThe most incredible ambulances.

Ambulance – this is the service which can be found in every country on the planet. In various countries to rescue people use a variety of machines. In this review, we will focus on the most incredible, the most fantastic and coolest ambulances used in our age.

1. Renault Alaskan

Автомобили скорой помощи в разных странах мира. Фото

A very unusual carriage was established on the basis of Renault Alaskan. Unfortunately today it is nothing more than a concept. The car was shown at the specialized exhibition in Hanover, Germany. The car should go into production in 2017. Then she should do and theme parks hospitals.

2. Ford F-Series

Автомобили скорой помощи в разных странах мира. Фото

Ambulance Ford F-Series is known in all corners of the world, largely thanks to the cinema. Nothing surprising in this, because this monster here is not the first use in the United States. Modernizarea in order to comply with the latest requirements and standards of the medical industry. It is very reliable and high quality in every vehicle, saved a lot of lives.

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3. Renault Twizy Cargo

Автомобили скорой помощи в разных странах мира. Фото

The development and spread of electric cars in the early twenty-first century couldn’t get past the ambulances. This interesting example was developed specifically in order to bring the doctor to the right place in the conditions of the streets overloaded with traffic. Rear seats for personnel or stretchers in the Renault Twizy Cargo, but there is a spacious Luggage compartment that allows you to get all the necessary medical equipment.

4. Renault Master

Автомобили скорой помощи в разных странах мира. Фото

Another Renault, but this time, not a futuristic concept, but a more than a serious vehicle for the salvation of men. Spacious and powerful, it is not the first year is doctors. Not so long ago this machine steer Sebastian Vettel — four-time world champion of Formula 1.

5. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Автомобили скорой помощи в разных странах мира. Фото

Hard to believe, but it is really an ambulance, which, again, is designed to deliver the doctor to the place. It is impossible not to admit that for the trip, or at least the opportunity to see such a wonder of technology into a living, will not be sorry to injure or hurt yourself. This is of course a joke, but the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is indeed a very cool car!

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6. Lotus Evora

Автомобили скорой помощи в разных странах мира. Фото

Lotus Evora – the most nimble ambulance in the world. Only used in Dubai. Unlike other similar carriages presented here, it carries not doctors and not patients. The car is used for delivery of medical equipment and organs for transplantation in the shortest possible time.

7. Mercedes-Benz Citaro

Автомобили скорой помощи в разных странах мира. Фото

The ambulance, which is a huge bus. This is a real hospital on wheels. At the same time Mercedes-Benz Citaro can accommodate up to 20 patients. Inside there is everything necessary for rendering any medical assistance. In this carriage you can even operate! It also has equipment for x-ray and EKG.

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