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Ambitious projects of the Soviet Union and not implemented. Photo

Амбициозные проекты СССР, так и не воплотившиеся в жизнь. ФотоThe Palace of the Soviets, a tunnel to Sakhalin, the car is 2000 and underground boat

In the high offices of the CPSU Central Committee knew how to plan for the future in a big way. On paper the ideas of the party leadership, designed to help the country to overtake and surpass anything and everything in the world looked Grand and at the same time smoothly.

Let’s remember the most ambitious projects of the Union, which remained a distant dream.

“A giant symbol of communism” – the Palace of Soviets

Амбициозные проекты СССР, так и не воплотившиеся в жизнь. Фото

The idea for this project, which was to elevate the Soviet Union over the whole world, was born in the early 1930s. its Essence was to build a skyscraper with a height of 420 meters with a giant statue of Vladimir Lenin on the roof.

Амбициозные проекты СССР, так и не воплотившиеся в жизнь. Фото

The building even before the building called the Palace of the Soviets, was to become the highest in the world, surpassing even the famous skyscrapers of new York.

This imagined future giant in the party leadership.

It was planned that in fine weather, the Palace of the Soviets will be seen from a distance of several tens of kilometers.

A place for the construction of the future symbol of communism was very nice, the hill on Volkhonka. The fact that the location has long been occupied by the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, no one is confused. The Cathedral decided to carry.

Say, a close associate of Stalin, Lazar Kaganovich, watching the explosion of the temple from the hill with the binoculars, said: “Delay hem of mother Russia!”.

The construction of the main building of the USSR began in 1932 and lasted until the beginning of the war.

During this time, managed to completely settle to the base and to begin work on the entrance. Alas, as far as it has not moved: the war has made adjustments, and branding ideas to provide people with high-rise the government was forced to withdraw. Moreover, already built began to dismantle and to put on the military, for example – the creation of anti-tank hedgehogs.

In the 50’s to the “Palace” theme returned again and almost started to work, but at the last moment refused and decided to build on the site of a failed high-rise huge pool.

However, from this object later abandoned in the mid – 90s, the pool was liquidated and in its place was built a new Church of Christ the Savior.

Perhaps the only thing that still reminds of the once grandiose plans of the authorities on the establishment of the Palace of Soviets is a gas station on Volkhonka, often referred to as “the Kremlin”. It was supposed to be part of the infrastructure of the complex.

Now let’s see how would look like the capital, manage the leadership of the Union to implement plans for the construction of the “symbol of communism”.

Амбициозные проекты СССР, так и не воплотившиеся в жизнь. Фото

“Construction No. 506” – Sakhalin tunnel

Not all construction projects of the Stalin era wore the image. Some ran for the practical component, which, however, does not make them less grandiose and impressive. A vivid example – an enormous construction site on Sakhalin island, which started in 1950. the idea of the project was to link the underground 10-kilometer long tunnel to the mainland. The entire work party took 5 years.

Амбициозные проекты СССР, так и не воплотившиеся в жизнь. Фото

As usual, work on the construction of the tunnel rests on the shoulders of the Gulag.

The construction stopped in 1953, almost immediately after Stalin’s death.

For three years managed to build a railway line to the tunnel (about 120 km of the railway in the Khabarovsk region), which later began to be used for export of wood, dug a mine shaft, and created an artificial island to Cape Lazarev.

Today, the once large-scale construction resemble scattered on the banks of the infrastructure technical details and mine, half-filled with debris and soil.

Амбициозные проекты СССР, так и не воплотившиеся в жизнь. Фото

The place is popular with tourists – lovers of abandoned sites with history.

“Fighting mole” – secret underground boat

Амбициозные проекты СССР, так и не воплотившиеся в жизнь. Фото

The construction of skyscrapers and other capture the imagination of the layman structures is not the only one that was spent on the Soviet budget in an effort to “beat the competition”. In the early 30’s in high offices came up with the idea to develop the vehicle, often found in books of science fiction writers and underground boat.

Амбициозные проекты СССР, так и не воплотившиеся в жизнь. Фото

The first attempt was made by the inventor A. Trebley who created the boat shaped like a rocket.

The brainchild of Trepleva moved at a speed of 10m/h. it was Assumed that the mechanism will be controlled by the driver, or (second option) – using the cable from the surface. In the mid-40’s camera even tested in the Urals at mount Grace.

Alas, during testing, the boat proved to be not too reliable, so the project has decided to temporarily collapse.

About the iron mole remembered again in the 60s: Nikita Khrushchev really enjoyed the idea of “get the imperialists not only in space, but underground.” Work on a new boat was connected to the advanced minds of the Leningrad Professor Babayev and even Sakharov. The result of painstaking work was a car with a nuclear reactor, able to accommodate 5 crew members and carry a ton of explosives.

The first tests of the boat all at the same Ural were successful: the mole overcame the allotted path at walking pace. However, it was early to celebrate: during the second test, the car exploded, the entire crew was killed. Myself mole remained immured in the mountain, which was not able to overcome.

After coming to power of Leonid Brezhnev project underground boat turned.

“Car 2000”

Амбициозные проекты СССР, так и не воплотившиеся в жизнь. Фото

No less sad was the fate of quite a peaceful transportation design – car Istra, also known under the name “dvuhtysjachnik”.

To create “the most advanced car of the Union” began in 1985 in the Management of design and experimental work. The program was named “Car 2000”.

Through the efforts of engineers and designers turned out really promising, ahead of his time in the car with a progressive design.

Амбициозные проекты СССР, так и не воплотившиеся в жизнь. Фото

The car was equipped with a light duralumin body with two doors opening upwards, 3-cylinder turbodiesel ELKO 3.82.92 T with a capacity of 68 horsepower. The maximum speed of the car was to be 185 km/h acceleration to 100 km for 12 s.

On most progressive car of the USSR was supposed to be computer-controlled air suspension, ABS, airbags, a projection system that can display on the windshield of the readings, the scanner forward view for driving in the dark and on-Board self-diagnostic indicates fault and possible ways to address them.

Alas, to market futuristic Soviet sedan and failed. In preparation for the launch, as it happens, surfaced minor issues associated with the revision and serial production of engines. In this case, if the technical issues were completely solved, the financial turmoil, fell on the heads of the authors of the project already in 1991, was critical. After the collapse of the Union funds for the implementation was not, in the end, the project had to close.

The only example of “dvuhtysjachnik” is held in Moscow Museum of retro cars.

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