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Amazing things created using 3D printer. Photo

Удивительные вещи, созданные с помощью 3D-принтера. ФотоOur civilization is developing in the truth by leaps and bounds.

One of the most important technologies that people were able to get in recent years, of course, was three-dimensional printing. Today, this production method is gaining popularity, taking root in the different areas of the economy and life of man. So today we will talk about a few incredible things that have been created using 3D printing.

1. Home from ZhuoDa Group

Удивительные вещи, созданные с помощью 3D-принтера. Фото

A firm called ZhuoDa Group was created in just three hours of full house. It was assembled by the construction of three-dimensional printers. The company operates in China and is currently specializiruetsya on the construction of buildings using 3D printing technology. Each house is built of separate modules, which is printed in the factory. What is surprising is that the module is created with the wiring, finishes, fixtures and even furniture!

Удивительные вещи, созданные с помощью 3D-принтера. Фото

As a result, the cost of these homes was significantly lower than the cost of houses built using “traditional” methods. It is also important that print uses eco-friendly materials derived from agricultural, industrial and household waste.

Printed houses have excellent noise and thermal insulation. They are not afraid of heat and humidity. They are also able to withstand the earthquake of magnitude 9 points. If desired, the customer home can choose texturing material, so that the house looked like wood, stone, brick or marble.

2. Motorcycle from AP Works

Удивительные вещи, созданные с помощью 3D-принтера. Фото

The company is known today as AP Works also obsessed with 3D printing. The first brainchild of the producer was an amazing motorcycle that was printed out of high quality aluminum-magnesium alloy. The bike weighs 35kg, has all necessary functionality and works on the motor. Called this miracle technology Light Rider.

The motorcycle turned out to be 30% lighter than “traditional” counterparts. The secret of his innovative bike frame that weighs just 6 kg. the Vehicle also accelerates well. Up to 40 km / h the bike gets in just 3 seconds. The cruising range on a single battery on the highway is 60 km away.


Удивительные вещи, созданные с помощью 3D-принтера. Фото

This project was started last year by the famous French designer, designer, engineer by the name of Gael Langevin. It all started with the fact that this man just wanted to create a game that would have been its full copy. Langevin immediately realized that the best way to manufacture the necessary parts will three-dimensional printing. It is also important that InMOOV is of great scientific, medical and even public value.

The fact that the designer was not to be greedy and put the code of the robot in open access, allowing to work on the project to anyone from any corner of the planet. Today, InMOOV already occupied by hundreds of enthusiasts! Not only does it make the robot better, but also develop their own private projects, e.g., create and test the latest prosthetic devices.

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Удивительные вещи, созданные с помощью 3D-принтера. Фото

Arizona company Local Motors has not long ago introduced the world’s first ever electric car, fully printed on a 3D printer. The novelty is called Strati. Designed electric car 5 months, but the development of future models can be reduced to a matter of weeks (no more than 6), and the printing process does not take days! I must say that it is very fast when compared with the technological process of production of all other modern cars.

Удивительные вещи, созданные с помощью 3D-принтера. Фото

In the Strati still have not printed items such as suspension, motor and battery. However, the proportion of the printing parts has reached an all-time high in recent years. As the main material used is carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic. It has the same strength as aluminum of medium hardness. In the car a total of 48 components, for comparison the average car there are more than 25 thousand.

The only “but” in all this are not very outstanding features of the machine. It only accelerates up to 65 km / h and cruising range on one battery will be 190 km.

5. Open reflex

Удивительные вещи, созданные с помощью 3D-принтера. Фото

Hard to believe, but Open reflex is a 35mm film camera, printed out on the printer. It was created by French designer and programmer Leo Marius. Creates a unique camera in just over 15 hours, and its cost is 30 dollars, which is incredibly small for such a product.

The most complex reflex mechanism in the Open and most problematic in the development was the shutter, as in not printed cameras of this type it is one of the most difficult from the design point of the elements. In order to solve the problem Leo had to invent a completely unique design. In the future, the engineer intends to continue to improve his creation. He wants to upgrade the shutter again to achieve cost reduction and добавODD 3Dить e-filling.

6. ODD 3D

Удивительные вещи, созданные с помощью 3D-принтера. Фото

Designer Scott Summit has surprised the whole world when he was able with the help of 3D printer to create an acoustic guitar ODD. Subsequent tests showed that the product is much superior in quality and its parameters of the acoustic guitar manual production. An important part of guitar ODD was its design.

In the words of Scott, three-dimensional printing opens up previously unseen horizons, allowing you to produce things in the forms that were previously inaccessible. The body of the guitar also has incredible strength! But most importantly, now that the musical instrument can be given almost any appearance.

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7. Cells

Удивительные вещи, созданные с помощью 3D-принтера. Фото

Stem cells were and still are in modern medicine and science is one of the most controversial, ambiguous and frankly as a consequence of the threat. Stem cells are blank cells without fill, which in this case have an almost limitless potential. Here in Scotland, where early was already cloned a sheep named Dolly, scientists have created a unique cellular printer. It can be used to print the live stem cells.

For the production of cells thus need a nutritious blend of “bionic”. This substance is also called cellular liquid. To production also have several ready-made stem cells. As a result, with the help of this printer, scientists have managed to create whole organs.


Удивительные вещи, созданные с помощью 3D-принтера. Фото

In Dubai a group of enthusiasts made the trees produce power. In fact it’s very simple. Throughout the city there was an artificial palm tree mounted solar panels. As you can guess, each of the trees was printed on a 3D printer. The idea of such a “smart” palm belongs to the company D Idea Media. Palm trees created from fiber reinforced plastic, protected from ultraviolet light and water. These trees help to save enough energy for street lighting in dark, they are also Wi-Fi beacons and allow you to charge up to 50 mobile devices at the same time.

9. Bhulk

Удивительные вещи, созданные с помощью 3D-принтера. Фото

The design Studio known as Eurocompositi invented and created unique Bicycle frame pyroplastic, which was also printed on a 3D printer. As a result, this frame is not only lighter, stronger, but also cheaper and iron. It is also much faster, and requires less energy.

10. Bridge

Удивительные вещи, созданные с помощью 3D-принтера. Фото

Unique in all respects engineering solution invented by the craftsmen company of the Joris Laarman Lab. The fact that the engineers decided to print bridges for crossing water bodies. More importantly, what they decided to print them using special equipment directly on the construction site. Designer of the first bridge was the engineer Joris Laarman. The construction of the bridge was made possible thanks to the technology of the MX 3D. It allows you to print the engineering objects literally in the air. The initiators of the project hope that with the help of their fasting people finally believe in the promise of 3D printing.

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