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Amazing special effects “blade Runner 2049” (VIDEO)

Clearly, in this big, beautiful sci-Fi movie like Blade Runner 2049 must be a lot of visual effects, but about the real number of them you hardly knew existed. For many such moments are virtually invisible and indistinguishable from reality.

This is ironic, don’t you think? A picture, a story about artificial beings, and itself is largely artificial. And just like the Replicants, embarked on the path of self-awareness and the gaining of souls, a film by Denis Villeneuve also can not be called a soulless copy of the original. As I said, in my opinion, it’s more than just “blade Runner”. And Yes, the film has a personality, has heart, has soul.

However, we will leave the speculation and just enjoy the wonders created by the masters in digital effects from the company UPP. Amazing work! The imposition of persons and scenery — these guys get the job done. Some of the scenes, as it turned out, gathered the pieces (and I don’t even understand why this was done, but the creators obviously know better). And these craftsmen are carefully polished image! Removed a barely noticeable rough edges, bubbles in water, etc., etc…

If you think about it, including thanks to these people, “blade Runner 2049” has become so flawless and even hypnotic visual canvas.

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