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Amazing photo of ripples of a black hole showed NASA

Удивительное фото пульсации черной дыры показало NASANASA has provided the galaxy with a black hole.

Researchers at NASA got the picture where you can see the “pulsation” of a supermassive black hole, which is located in the center of the galaxy NGC 4696 in the constellation of Centaurus, reported on the Agency’s website.

New data obtained by the Observatory “Chandra” made it possible to obtain new information about the black hole, which is located at a distance of 145 million light years from Earth. Despite the fact that the black hole itself to be considered impossible, researchers have studied the effects that it has on the galaxy, which is located in and on the cluster, which includes this galaxy.

As the researchers note, the black hole resembles a beating heart that pumps blood throughout the body via arteries. In the same way a black hole can transport matter and energy within the galaxy and beyond its boundaries.

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