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Alyosha shocked the audience outright outfit

Alyosha шокировала публику откровенным нарядомBloggers did not like the original dress of the singer.

Bloggers network took up arms against the Ukrainian singer Alyosha, who appeared at a social event in extravagant attire, almost completely exposing the legs.

The corresponding picture in his Instagram had shared a TV presenter Katya Osadchaya.

“Singer Alesha striking outfit”, signed the Osadchaya.

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Note that for performance, the singer chose a fancy dress consisting of a white bodysuit and black skirt with a huge cut front accentuates the long legs of the actress.

However, fans of Alyosha this outfit was not to taste.

“Oh, Frank”, “I’m Sorry, but a man with brains is not wearing”, “koshmariki…”, “Yes”, “Horror”, “You are already naked”, “Fuuu”, “How can this beeee”, “Striking tastelessness and vulgarity,” not cease to comment on netizens.

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In turn, there were those who came to the defense of Alyosha: “she has a beautiful body, why not show, especially, I think, is the stage image.”

Alyosha шокировала публику откровенным нарядом

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