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Altai Krai: Siberia for sale

Алтайский край: Сибирь на распродаже

Altai Krai: Siberia for sale

In recent years more and more news comes from Siberia and the Far East. All the news is not rosy: disasters, ruin, plant closures, mass layoffs, deteriorating living conditions. As our office has received information from a resident of the Altai territory on the next closing of the enterprise, which so remains a little. We will focus on the largest greenhouse complex of the Altai territory JSC “Industrial”, it liquidated and it will cease to exist in August 2019. The General Director of the enterprise Mikhail Commissioners have already sent to employees notifying about the upcoming layoffs. Thus 571 people remain without work.

As follows from the document, the management has decided to stop business activities of the greenhouse complex. In accordance with paragraph 1 part 1 article 81 of the labour code, all labour contracts will be terminated August 15, 2019, that is, they have less than two months to look for a new place. With the written consent of the workers to resign from JSC “Industrial” and before the specified date. Then they promise to pay additional compensation in the amount of average earnings, calculated in proportion to the time remaining before the deadline. In addition, they will pay severance pay, and will save them an average salary for the period of employment, but not more than two months.

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We will remind, 100% of shares belongs to the Altai territory in the face of management of property relations of the Altai territory.
On the agenda, to eliminate, a new “unprofitableunprofitable” venture. No doubt shoppers will find, as now organized the so-called “Russian-Chinese business,” where the rules will work “hard working Chinese”, and all the other Nations let them go to Moscow and quickly free the territory of Siberia, because “Russia to prepare for sale.”

And yet more than 500 people thrown into the street, of course with compensation, but does change the lives of those people miserable handouts? Where in most cases in Siberia and the Far East serious difficulties finding a new job. If this analogy at all. And where there are places, there are already workers “neighbouring countries”, with the permission and under the patronage of the local bourgeoisie.

Employees must realize that under capitalism, they play the role of the exploited. Therefore to wait or ask for help from the bourgeois state as “the bourgeois king” is useless. One of them is not going to help. They are concerned with only one purpose: to enrich themselves at the expense of the available tool of the state and exploitation of the majority of employees. This implies that we need to protect our interests and to help other comrades, which the vast majority in Russia!

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Of course there is a solution — Yes, is the elimination of the bourgeois socio-economic structure that we have imposed 30 years ago. And change we are going to socialism.

It is only under socialism would be public ownership of the means of production, planned economy and the dictatorship of the proletariat (the power of the majority of workers), which under these circumstances can finally be free from the exploitation of a handful of oligarchs. But these happy times is a long and hard way, which is impossible to pass without the party of the proletariat, consisting of the most responsible, the most honest, the most conscientious of employees — the Communist party. Such a party must create the masses. And move together to achieve our mutual happiness and free future for our children!

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