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Alone with the Leviathan

Наедине с левиафаном

Weak institutions repeatedly left alone with the Leviathan, and test it for strength. Teachers in Wick, presenter of the mortgage, — and there are harder situations. Well done whoever managed to make the right choice, and is not afraid to say, losing a job (or just not afraid of the wrath of his superiors), but man, as we were taught, is often weak. Good institutions don’t just allow every person is regularly faced with such a choice. Because in a country with good institutions, millions live their lives making the existential choice only in the private sphere, in relations with relatives.

And here — look into the eyes of the Leviathan, don’t turn away, and not surisa the light bulb to the face

And tremble man — and then fires self-defense: the world is being reconstructed in the mind so that everything is on some other grounds. Most annoying — the existence of men who committed different choice. Therefore, in the new picture of the world they are not. There is a picture of moral symmetry when each of them once broke Leviathan, not one, so another. Another result: people start to reproduce your situation, creating and maintaining something that breaks the other, “bad institutions” supporting society in his condition.

In an era of change (which will certainly come), it is important to create institutions in which people will be less likely to get into a situation of choice under the gaze of the Leviathan. But the era will require the mobilization of people at the time made the right choice.

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