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Almost half of Russians complained about the deterioration of the financial position

Почти половина россиян пожаловалась на ухудшение материального положения

Financial situation and incomes of Russians continue to get worse because of the coronavirus pandemic and financial crisis. This is evidenced by the survey of “Old” by the order of the Central Bank, published “Vedomosti”.

42% of respondents said the worsening financial situation in the second half of April, and 20% said that seriously lost income, another 20% added that revenues declined slightly. The main reason for the reduction in income – the loss of someone from the family members.

More than half of respondents also reported rising costs because of rising food prices and the need to constantly spend money for finding a home. Almost half of respondents (44%) added that the refuse from conventional goods and services, and about 15% of Russians began to borrow money in debt. Among those who started to lose income, the savings on the products stated of the majority – 69%.

As the chief analyst of “Nordea Bank” Tatyana Evdokimova, the longer in Moscow and the regions, there are restrictive measures because of the coronavirus, the faster will grow the number of companies that lay off employees or reduce their salaries. It is expected that the worst months will be June and July, after which the situation can start to improve.

In mid-April, more than a third of Russians said about the deterioration of their financial situation, according to “Open media”. 20% of respondents who are employed, said total loss of income, 41% of entrepreneurs and self-employed stopped work, another 33% – reported reduction in income. 26% of companies surveyed by mid-April announced that began to lay off employees.

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