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Ally Lyashko made a drunken brawl at Kiev. Video

Соратник Ляшко устроил пьяный дебош под Киевом. ВидеоIn the party of Oleg Lyashko denied the incident and called the information a fake.

The people’s Deputy Sergey skuratovskiy, colleague and fellow leader of the radical Oleg Lyashko, beat two men and threatened them with murder. So says one of the victims, rural Chairman of Kyiv region.

With a headache, hypertensive crisis and trauma eyes the village head Plakhtianka was in the hospital. He claims that he was beaten MP: “Runs skuratovskiy, here struck his hand – I did not expect. Fell at once. It was obvious that he was drunk. He stood next to me, poked me in the chest and shouted: I have orders here ponasaju!”.

The MP was beaten by two men and threatened them with murder. About this TSN said one of the victims – the Chairman of the village of Kiev region, which is now on sick leave. The name of the attacker, whom he calls, – Sergey skuratovskiy, colleague and friend Oleg Lyashko. In the “Radical party” deny everything.

The village head says that the evening with his friend back home. Rode double on the field road on the bridge, they saw the Forester and went to him to say Hello. At this time the other car jumped MP and attacked the two men, shouting: “This is my land”. “I asked him: what struck? And he said: I’m actually here bury! Says the guy who was standing nearby, maybe his guard: give me a gun, I’ll drop him right now. At this point my wife calls, I say: Lena, if I get shot, then know that it is skuratovskiy Sergey Ivanovich”, – said the beaten official.

These words wife confirms. “The husband said, know this: if I get shot, it skuratovskiy and cut off the phone. I had such a shock that I’m five minutes could not speak”, – says Elena Sorochan. Obviously, the conflict occurred because of the appearance of the men near the hunting grounds of skuratovskiy – victims say that he blamed them for the culling of animals in which it invests. The villagers themselves are convinced that no one was fired because he was coming not on the hunt, and weapons with them were not.

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