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Alla Pugacheva has made a serious confession

Алла Пугачева сделала серьезное признаниеAlla Pugacheva admitted that they have difficulty posing for photographers

Pugachev says why he loves to pose at social events.

The last time 67-year-old Alla Pugacheva began to go out. Recently the actress spoke at the “Golden gramophone” and he visited the concert of Dima Bilan. However, in an interview with reporters, the star confessed that every year it increasingly difficult to appear at social events.

Pugachev was also back on the scene and is already writing a new album. The award “Golden gramophone” Diva practically posed for photographers. In conversation with the correspondent of “Companion”, the actress explained why.

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“Actually, I only pretend that I like it. Eyes very sore from the flashes!”, — said the singer.

In addition, the publication became known, the immediate plans of Alla Pugacheva. Star appears on “Song of the year” and will perform at the new year corporate parties that she has laid out.

In his time on such problems complained by many celebrities. Irina Allegrova is still trying to avoid any flashes. It was difficult and Yury Kuklachev. Famous comedian could go blind because of the cameras. Kuklachev soon found out. Now he is always photographed in sunglasses. At the same time during shooting closes his eyes.

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