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All the time shove!

Все время суют!

Here we go again! Arrested the General of the interior Ministry, 100 million extorted from some poor slob of a businessman.

No-thing does not help! Each law enforcement Agency is a special Department for combating corruption was created at the head of the colonels, and even generals put. The work went on, but soon a new feature appeared. Inside his office fish with millions of roubles come across, and as soon as the net colonels-generals to the neighbors on a power profile of the curled — in cash from the billions removed. One Colonel even apartments specifically rented to the proceeds of corruption in them to store.

Decided the laws correct. The state Duma has connected. Exactly a year ago approved a bill to transfer to the Pension Fund of money seized in the framework of cases of corruption.

The Russians retired cheered up, began plans to build a rainbow, think about what kind of money we are talking! Seniors who are English owned, I thought that after the corruption to the pension Supplement will be fly and finally see what a miracle is — Miami. And those that without foreign languages, become of interest: how much would it cost if these flowered Wallpaper, acquired through connections in 1986, to glue on new ones which can even wash.

But figushki! A year has passed, and again something didn’t work. Instead of multiplying the amount of the pension of the Russians added another 5 years to work for access.

Although the law, of course, wonderful, and zeal of the deputies in the care of pensioners is worthy of every encouragement. But a weak man. But an official in the Ministry, Deputy, Senator, or even more so the Governor’s brothers — they are constantly in the area of extraordinary temptation! Then a piece of paper asking them to accidentally slip to the signature of an important person, then the correction which I beg the law to support. And shoved, shoved all the time. That sometimes and forgotten comrade, take gratitude.

That is, neither the fear of the bust and subsequent rise, nor good laws, corruption can not stop. Therefore, measures are needed
preventive and precautionary in nature.

Here, for example, why not try the following method?
In the offices of the Administration, you know someone, in government buildings, the Duma, the Federation Council, in the residences of governors and other corrupt incentive areas every 2-3 hours, the loudspeaker is activated and the voice of Alexander Fillipenko the phrase from “the Master and Margarita”: “Welcome, Nikanor Ivanovich! Hand over your currency”.
Bribe-takers all the time in tension will take good care to take it, and corruption will subside gradually.

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