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All the stars of domestic horror literature will arrange a “battle of generations”

If you are at leisure reading webzen DARKER, extreme the may issue for sure noticed a material called Parfyonov vs Chochinov: “In the old days, such disputes end with a duel!” – a kind of interview-a conversation where each other was opposed to your humble darklot (in the world – the writer and compiler of the horror anthologies Parfenov M. S.) and Victor Chochinov (writer, author of a number of genre books). Representatives of different generations, each with its bell tower, with those mice in the attic, Parfenov and Tocino started to argue about who’s cooler – old school-young authors or “dark wave”. But in the end decided to make something like “horror battle”, a literary event with the participation of two teams – tocinovski and parfenovskaya.


TOCHINOV: in fact, such differences in the old days were often decided early in the morning in a suburban forest: a barrier, the seconds, the pistols Lepage… Well, catch glove, Michael. Cause for a duel. Literary, of course, times have changed, and the code should be honored.
PARFENOV: Well, okay. For example, I caught the tattered glove and “shot” the opponent. It will decide that who will prove it? That conditional Parfenov writes better/worse than conventional Tochenova? It is not an indicator. If we draw an analogy, it should not be a single duel and a massive cabin on lake Peipsi team — that’s when “seasoned” under the weight of their bedecked in regalia of the armor goes down, hehe. But seriously, why not. I’m always up for interesting experiments in the field of literature, in the end, the horror genre is partly built on the basis of known the fun of Shelley, Byron and company…

You got that right. Soon (by right) kicks off a brand new, unique literary event in the genre of horror, mystery and Thriller. The authors are pros, young and not so young talents will face each other in a series of duels, duels, and “victory” will win the team which will win more individual battles.

All the secrets yet no issue is not going. However, Victor Tochinov the authentic public VC began to announce the participants of his “team”. And those who love and appreciate the horror (and not only) in Russian, the composition of this team may lead to a sense of euphoria.


Sviatoslav Loginov

Number one in our team. Luminary and Patriarch, a typical representative of the old school: behind — Maliivka, Dubulti, Seminar of Boris Strugatsky, has many published books and received them for genre awards. Writer Pro, writer heavyweight, able to write at ALL. Working in all sub-genres and directions. Fantasy (“Black blood”, “Black tornado”), the galactic Opera (“Imperial witch”), humorous fiction (“the Gambler”) and even povedencheskie novels (“Russia beyond the cloud”) — and on the popadantsy Loginova interesting to read, unlike another “Oh, mommy, I woke up in the body of Catherine the Second, now for Breakfast and will lead Russia to greatness and prosperity…”
However, in the “dark genre” Svyatoslav Loginov is quite confident, what is not able to make time readers of “Darker” — they published a lot of stories of the Patriarch.

Alexander Lidin

Multi-faceted personality: writer, publisher, translator, artist… to Write and publish Aleksandr lidin started in the last Millennium, and fifteen years ago conceived and implemented book series “Midnight, twenty-first century. Russian horror novel”, which became a landmark event in the development of Russian horror, and he was marked in a series of macabre novel “Smell of death”. (Those who believe that collections SSK horror in Russia were not published, those are not quite right.)
The ancient dark gods, and dedicated the blood rituals — a favorite theme Lidin, the leitmotif through many of his novels: “Explorer”, “Unforgiven”, etc.
Well, what he will delight us in the upcoming Horror battle… will soon find out.

Natalia Rezanova

Like many members of our team, Natalia Rezanova began writing and published in the Soviet Union, when representatives of “dark wave” still cheerfully eating porridge in the kindergarten and the worst in the world being considered the Bogeyman living in my closet.
Fantasy, historical fiction, alternative history and alternative classics — the favorite subgenres of Sketching. But not alien to her and the darkest mystery, and horror, as evidenced by novels and short stories, published in collections of “Z is for zombie”, “Dark side of the city,” “the Lords of twilight” and many others.

Alexander Shchegolev

Unlike the three previous participants of the battle, Alexander Shchegolev (a professional writer, terrible to say, from 1992) makes the main emphasis in his work on “dark genre”. Dark atmospheric works of Alexander from the late 80-ies of the last century, delight and frighten all fans to tickle your nerves “ugly”.
Macabre novels “Beast-woman”, “Tin”, “stresses the tin”, collections “Poison” and “Black mirror face”, numerous publications in anthologies and periodicals… you name it. And in modern projects of the “new wave” of Russian horror Shchegolev fit easily and naturally: he was repeatedly published in “Darker” and the anthologies “13”, judged the competition horror short stories “a Baker’s dozen” since its Foundation, etc.
In short, mater. The real.

Basil Shapenew

This author is also long and is familiar to all fans of “dark genre”. “Black earth”, published in “Russian horror story” fifteen years ago, was the first novel Shepeteva, saw the light, but long before his novels and stories earned him a deserved fame of the master to put the fear in the readers.
“The Chronicles NAV-city”, “Song of hell” — all Shepeteva features honed a recognizable style, realistic prescribed life of the Russian province, hiding under a events and essence of a nightmare, depriving of sleep and appetite.
This is only half of the team representing old school dark genres.
To be continued…

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