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All the secrets of the film “Pariah-one. Star wars: History” revealed in new book

In November on the shelves of American bookstores have the book “Catalyst: Outcast-single” (Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel) that tells about what happened before the events of the film “Pariah-one. Star wars: History.” To see the future picture, you do not have to read the novel, but it describes the history will give the chance more deeply to learn yet unfamiliar characters.

All the secrets of the film “Pariah-one. Star wars: History” revealed in new book

Attention! The text contains spoilers for the movie “the Outcast one. Star wars History,” which will be released on December 15.

A fragment of the cover of the book

Edition Screen Rant explored the book: the history of gin ERSO – the protagonist of “Outcast” is far more interesting than it might seem at first glance. Novel writer James Made talks about meeting Orson Kremnica that before the events of the film was led by Imperial a division of advanced weapons research, with Galen ERSO – father gene. As it turned out, they know each other since students. Kinniku was aware of the interest of Galen to the Khyber-crystals used by the Jedi in the production of lightsabers.

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Orson Krennick and Galen ERSO

During the clone Wars (“Star wars. Episode II: attack of the clones”), Galen and his wife Lyra, waiting for the birth of the first child, into the hands of separatists – Jin is born in prison. Over time, the liberation of the family achieves Krennick, which on Galen plans. He arranges his friend to the project “Star power”, which, according to Cronica, explores new sources of energy, generated on the basis of Khyber crystals. To Galen agreed to work for Kremnica, who shows him the layout of the buildings, which in the future are destined to supply energy to the most remote corners of the Empire. A few months later, during testing of the new technology (actually, weapons) on the planet Malpas there is an explosion, which killed thousands of people. Krennick claims that were sabotaged by anarchists. Galen soon finds out the truth about what his research was used by the Empire to create a superweapon – then he decides to escape from Coruscant. Interestingly, on the creation of new technology employs the best minds from all over the Empire, but the truth about what they help to create, no one knows. When scientists begin to ask questions, they are killed.

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With guerrera, played by forest Whitaker

Escape from the planet Coruscant Galen helps experienced smuggler With guerrera, which meets gin ERSO even before the events of the film “Outlaw-single”. When Krennick learns that Lear, Galen and Jean escaped, he decides to find them. Family Council of Herrera, settles on a distant planet Lah mu, and Jin, who is friends with the smuggler, trying to persuade him somehow to see them. The book ends, as often happens, the most interesting point: Krannich still finds him and takes him to build a “death Star”. The novel leaves several important questions. Where I went to gene after her father took Krennick? If she would see him one more time? Where were the girl’s mother Lira? Perhaps the answers to them, the audience can learn from the movie “Outlaw-single. Star wars: Stories”, which premiered in Russia is scheduled for 15 December.

Movie trailer “the Outcast one. Star wars: Stories”

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