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All the problems of modern Spain — from Franco

Все проблемы современной Испании — от Франко

Today in Spain reburied Franco. In Russia among the anti-Soviet and anti-Communist Franco public somehow, they perceive positively. Undoubtedly, Stalinism in the 30-ies was evil and a threat to the world that Spain was not the Soviet is good. Only bad thing is that for almost 40 years, Spain has become dull village authoritarianism headed by a bigot and conspiracy theorist Franco.

Having won the Civil war, Franco made a disgusting terror that had not ceased for many years. This is more or less prosperously and decently Spain has healed after it. In the early 40-ies in the who was not involved in world war Spain was a natural hunger.

Franco is a life — long authoritarianism of one soldier in a European country, clericalism, obscurantism, miserable village conspiracy theories (life grandpa fought with the Masonic conspiracy!), isolationism, terrorism and corruption. All the problems of modern Spain, including Catalan, — it’s all Franco.

So personally I have no sympathy for the Caudillo. The Spaniards have every right to throw his carcass in the trash, but they just want to bury it in another place.

Any clinging to power under the rhetoric about traditional values and the special mission of grandparents — disgusting.

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