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All the murders of “Gremlins” in one video!

The new year has almost descended, the tree has long dressed, bolly harvested, and someone probably chose a scary movie to watch on the occasion: for example, from our top Christmas horror. Traditionally one of the most favorite themed movies called “Gremlins” , Joe Dante, and it’s time to remember. Well, the sequel, entitled “Gremlins 2: the New batch” will not be forgotten.

The guys from JoBlo put on a stream release of the video with the counts of murder in a particular film. For example, we laid out the memory in the video with the victims of the Creeper. New video just dedicated to the “Gremlins”. It turned out that two parts of corpses passed over a lot. Why, there were so many! Although this is the very gremlins. Still angry little animals not only misbehave but also packs fall under the kneading.

Look and connected the new year horrornot mood.

Adorable fluffy animal MagwaY able to move even a stone. In addition, he’s got perfect pitch! Just be careful he could die from sunlight.
It can not splash water. What happens if you feed him after midnight, just scary to imagine…see also:

Max Landis talked about his idea for a new “Gremlins”

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