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All the murders from the original “Robocop” in one video

As you know, the Studio MGM is developing a new film about a Robot police with the Neil Blomkamp (“District 9”, “Robot named Chappy”) as a Director. And it’s not about a remake, but a direct sequel to the original tape 1987 release. Is there a reason to remember the old and not very good Robocop?

Apparently, judged and colleagues from JoBlo, does not stop to count the corpses in the movie. The next release of their column series, The Kill Counter is dedicated to a famous painting by Paul Verhoeven. A rating R, violence, blood – in “Robocop” really was that count; the victims in the film enough. However, a few murders in the movie seem far-fetched, some characters could survive, but Oh well. We don’t know what happened to them behind the scenes, hehe.

So, welcome to the dark and dirty Detroit full of different kinds of thugs. Let the countdown begin killing!

After the death of one of the best police doctors experimenters create from it invulnerable cyborg Robocop, who single-handedly fights a gang of criminals. However, strong armor does not save Robocop from a painful, fragmentary memories of the past: he constantly sees nightmares, in which dies at the hands of violent criminals. Now he’s not only waiting for justice,… but also wants revenge!

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