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All of the lunar plants died

Все лунные растения погибли

No sooner had the humanity to enjoy the first plants grown on the moon’s surface (in the bio bin space probe “Chang’e-4”) on the same day, scientists from the Chinese came the sad news: all of the lunar plants died. The experiment was terminated.

The main designer of the experiment, Professor Chongqing University Gensini Xie (Xie Gengxin) explained that in the scope of the biocontainer was not included battery (probably due to restrictions on weight). So the germs were killed in the moonlit night, when the temperature inside litre compartment with plants dropped to -57°C.

Earlier, the Professor claimed that the container is designed with battery heating based on the duration of the experiment 100 days.

Все лунные растения погибли

Now it turns out that the kit includes only the seeds of six species of living organisms (cotton, canola, potatoes, razumovich, yeast, fruit flies), soil, water, fertilizer, two video cameras and temperature control system. But not the battery.

The experiment lasted 212,75 hours, said representatives of the National space administration of China. They explained that after increasing the temperature on the surface of the biomass will decompose in a tightly closed space and will not contaminate the moon’s surface.

Все лунные растения погибли

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