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All milked the last of the thinning of the herd

Все доят последнее из редеющего стада


“The founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Rolf” Sergei Petrov is going to appeal for protection to the Commissioner for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs Boris Titov”.

I’m absolutely indifferent to the political activities of Mr Petrov. Indifferent — because our thought has nothing to do with politics.

It is interesting as a businessman, strong. Iconic. Took place in a difficult segment. The claims in the scope of its momentum penny. RAID? Well, of course. A direct, undisguised, as Vanya by Holonovel, only the stakes are higher.

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Why do people on the street did not go for Petrov, and will not go? But because the Deputy, let a fraction of it and goes, so people think.

What Titov? This will help, Yes. Titov — part of the system. The bepa to hit, Titov to make. Plantain. Don’t cry, boy, I’ll be fine. Still earn.

It’s time, businesses should realize that in a catastrophic reduction of the resource base it is foolish to seek help from the prowl in search of sustenance fellowship, with power it or close to it. All alarming. All milked the last of the thinning of the herd.

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And everyone is worried, as if not to miss the hall when you can still dump with minimal losses in the lovely Country of the Elves. A and fell.

The elves are waiting. They also need someone to milk.

Alex Federov, head of legal Department in “Russia Sitting”

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