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All for the sake of role: Charlize Theron has lost almost 15 pounds in a month

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Actress Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron) more than once had to sacrifice my body for my work in the film. Recently finished shooting a new picture called “Tully”, where Charlize played the mother of many children, for this role the actress had to recover 16 pounds!

Sometimes, during filming on the streets most of them couldn’t recognize the plump woman sexy Charlize Theron. The actress did not hesitate and went out to various events. “Yes, I’m fat,” right answered all actress.

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Charlize Theron during the filming of the movie
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After filming ended, 41-year-old Charlize began rapidly losing weight. Recently, paparazzi captured the actress on the way out of the store in gym clothes. In the pictures it is already noticeable that figure Theron is transformed and comes in the same form.

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Legion Media

Just a few months Charlize already dropped about 15 pounds. Fans of the actress hope that this transformation will not go in vain and actress will get the Oscar.

Charlize Theron
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World premiere of the new film “Tully” is scheduled next year.

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