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Alive: the Chinese in the skull pierced metal rod

Остался жив: китайцу в череп вонзился металлический прутThe man remained conscious and continued to talk.

A resident of China miraculously survived after his head was impaled fallen from the height of metal rod a meter in length. The man in this case was conscious and communicating with rescuers.

The incident occurred in the city of Mianyang in Sichuan province in the evening of 25 November. The victim with his friend passed a building under construction when the top from a height of about four metres, his head dropped rod diamond-shaped cross-section.

The rod pierced the man in the skull about ten centimeters. The scene was immediately called the ambulance and rescuers. At the time of their arrival, the Chinese were conscious and could even move his hands.

To transport the man in this condition has proved problematic, so the decision was made to cut off part of the rod in place. Rescuers did this for several minutes with the cutter, regularly asking the man about his condition.

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Further, the victim was sent to the hospital. There, the doctors removed the Chinese from the skull of the remaining part of the rod. Currently the victim is in hospital under observation, while the authorities are investigating the circumstances of the fall of his rod.

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